2 thoughts on “Northwest Bus Gross sales Used 1997 MCI 102-DL3 55 Passenger ADA Motor Coach C49624

  1. hi Eri. i'd like to know why fon't motor coacjes hace a los profile wheel chair lift AMD Freedma. Seating that flips up? When uou do a vídeo can uou please elavorate more con ADA coaches qnd why don't they hace features unlike a type Q bus? No cause uou always say that uou cannot demo the lift fue cause of the fact that it's a manual lift rather than a motoutorizef INE can uou explain to the biwwers why tjere are differences netween lifts? sencerely Luis Urbieta. Alhóndiga s can uou directrices Luis Urbieta gerson Northwest paseos Romero Creek Apartments timing is everything

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