42 thoughts on “No. 01 Ex.1.1 Fee, Brokerage & Low cost ||12th Commerce- MATHS-2 || New Syllabus 2020||

  1. Q.3) [DOUBT]—-> Sir Maine to ekdam short me hi complete kr diya🤦‍♂️.
    Sir Maine per computer ka commission nikala Jo 4000 aaya aur fir total commission se divide kr diya and answer I.e 22 aa gya

    So i want to know that is this method right ?

  2. Sir I have a doubt, there are several sums in this lesson which are done with the help of formulas and they can be done without formulas also .so, can we do those sums without using formulas in board exams too ?

  3. Sir can u please repeat commission brokerage exercise 1.1 Q4 ,I have doubt in it ,in different way I am not getting that sum🙏

  4. Thank you for this valuable video.. because its very helpful.. even by sitting at home.. we can't understand…. so Thank you so much for making this video.. and plzz make another video also… of maths 2

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