Nintendo's Huge Black Friday Sale And The PS5 On-line Scalping Is Getting Worse | Information Wave

Nintendo's Huge Black Friday Sale And The PS5 On-line Scalping Is Getting Worse | Information Wave

Nintendo’s eShop sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend is now reside bringing a ton of first occasion and third occasion sport reductions. On-line resellers are …

29 thoughts on “Nintendo's Huge Black Friday Sale And The PS5 On-line Scalping Is Getting Worse | Information Wave

  1. I am from the netherlands, but i don’t have any mario games on the nintendo e-shop sale. Can someone explain please?🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Y'all act like your 10 years old throwing a fit because you didn't pre-order in time. Grow up? There's a pandemic going on. A lot more important things in life.

    No, I don't play either console.

  3. Switch maybe the cheapest console of it's gen but (even in the sale) Switch games still end up overall being the most expensive games of it's gen. Expensive buying them Switch games.

  4. I thought it was illegal to jack the prices up on anything while there’s a pandemic going on . eBay , Craigslist and any other website out there should stop these people that are jacking the price is up on PlayStation 5 and Xbox X.. lol

  5. Sony and Microsoft needs to send the consoles for sale on physical retail stores so this scalping crap can end…i don't see scalpers go to retail stores buying pallets of consoles to sell them later…

  6. Oh god theres scalper organizations? The fact that there are that many disgustingly greedy people out there bothers me. Sure they arent technically doing anything wrong, its just a thing of principle, something they clearly do not have.

  7. Ok so I was wondering about this that he mentions after the 5min mark.. so I can buy Nintendo eshop games before I give my kid the switch for Xmas ?? Cuz it seems after purchase it wants to auto download them.. so what happens if you buy a game and don’t have a switch set up yet? Thanks to whoever answers this 😉

  8. i would rather pay to see these little shits sit in mounts of credit card debt because no one is stupid enough to give in to their demands after laughing at all the ps5 players who just wanted the damn console. Karma will come swift and i cant wait to see it.

  9. They wont put ps5s in stores? Well I guess if xbox does then ill get a series x. Also, thats ignorant af when you KNOW scalpers are raping us. Unless that was their plan…release at 500, but buy em all up and actually sell em for 800+

  10. I have either physical or already downloaded only games already. Only have 3 games I want and not on sale. One was on sale,but a 1.25 isn't worth it reduction.

  11. Only a complete moron would buy a system from a reseller. Be an adult and have some patience. They'll be everywhere in 2 months.

  12. I want a PS5 but this and the amazon stories are discouraging. its ironic that technology should make our lives easier but instead its making everything more complicated. Back in the day you would go to a store and buy one, if it was there at least…simpler times.

  13. The reason scalping will continue to be a problem for a long time yet is because people keep buying them. They're the culprits. They're the ones people should be upset with. They perpetuate this terrible cycle.

  14. I find it hilarious that people are freaking out because they can't buy a console. Where have you people been the last 15 to 20 years all major xbox and sony console releases follow the same path wide spread hoopla before and people tripping out because they couldn't buy it for Christmas. I think the Xbox360 was my favorite though as that was the last real system before I just stopped caring left gaming and only just recently started playing switch lite. If you check back over the 2 decades you will see how console purchases follow the same line, why only release in November because end year Q4 bonus skyrockets with the release and the holidays ALL market ploys and now @$$hat bots.

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