1. Buy the game every three years and you’ll notice significant differences. If you buy it every year, the changes seem minor.

  2. This is literally the worst commentator they could have chosen. He’s so extra, and he sounds like the kind of guy who would be a commentator for a game show. Get someone like Rick Jeanneret who actually makes people excited for hockey.

  3. I bought it 2 days ago and with this video Don't regret it. I mainly play be a pro or franchise mode so excited to try them my self😃

  4. Seems like a good buy for me since I only play franchise mode and be a pro, but if they could jump in the rosters than I would have nothing much to complain about.

  5. So far for me it’s a huge improvement from nhl 20. They slightly fixed the movement. AI seems much better. Hitting is far better. A bunch of small tiny tweaks makes this nhl playable and fun. NHL 20 was god awful. Look forward to putting in more time.

  6. I hate it because I buy it every year and every year I know I’ll be pissed at what’s missing.. I just can’t stop being an arm chair GM I guess

  7. We need to play. But tbh the gameplay hasn’t changed any scenes, same thing at the start no update, honestly the dekes are almost impossible so for a average player good luck. This game is a ripoff but I’m still gonna play it. Love the vids 😘

  8. They need to make the game like the nhl. Its geared towards kids with silly dancing in the intermissions Dumb game modes with too much flash and colours. Maybe if they want to make more money make two different games one for the kids and one for real hockey fans

  9. So I played through be a pro for 3 seasons and you can become captain of your team if your likeability meter is high in management and teammate. Unfortunately free agency is still the same I only got 2 contract offers which is a real fucking let down. Don't think you can ask for a trade either or retire when you want as far as I know. Like you would think they would fix that but it's ea so…..
    It's better then years past but still could of been a lot better I think.

  10. If your going to make a review next time try to actually go in depth with some of the categories. For example a lot of the time throughout the vid you said “ it’s pretty much just the same”. In world of chel for example the goalie mechanics were extremely improved. But you didn’t touch on that at all. Also if you actually have been apart of the community and played nhl every year you would realize that this game is actually I pretty big improvement and a step in the right direction.

  11. I agree, its a C grade kinda game but its a step in the right direction, hopefully they add more to franchise in next gen. the trade deadline option is sweet tho and can add a lot of story lines with franchise

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