21 thoughts on “New Years Day Sale at DILLARD'S 1/1/17 | WAKE UP EARLY & SHOP for extra 50% off

  1. I will say one thing, while it's great for you guys as customers that you get amazing brands for a really good price off, it's hell for us workers. @[email protected] Like…try almost being killed while everyone runs into your store to go to a specific area and then have to deal with customers and tell them that yes, while you work there, your not a sales associate and I can't help you. @[email protected]

    I'm curious though, which location were you at? Because it's hard to tell, but I swear I hear one of my co-worker associates in the background noise when your in handbags.

  2. On behalf of the 1,000 plus Sales Associates among 270 plus stores, the January 1st sale is incredible. The deals are amazing. In every department. I have fun with my customers because it is pure, fun, hectic madness. Here's the thing: Bring patience. Be expected to wait in long lines. We move as fast as we can on the cash registers. Be kind to the Sales Associates and other customers. If you feel you do not have the patience in large crowds, please shop when it is not so busy at a later date. It is the 1st day of a New Year. Let's start off nice to each other!

  3. I wish I would have never seen this video fooling with you Toni at Dillard's today I've spent over $300 but I got some cute purses and wallets though

  4. i got over $ 2000 dollars worth of products in aeropostale for only $85.. the whole store was at $1 each …. thanks to you im always looking for great deals

  5. Happy new year toni… So rant i went to target .. I havent been in like 6 month and im still being harrased by the cashier manager person… She saw mw checking out and send some girl to relief the guy i was checking out with and then she saw i had coupins so she came over to look at my coupons so fucken annoying all my coupons scanned so i dont know why she always comes to see what im getting with coupons

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