39 thoughts on “NEW PSN HOLIDAY SALE LIVE RIGHT NOW – Nice PS4 and PS5 Sport Offers!

  1. Getting a PSN gift card for Christmas. Was getting Cyberpunk 2077 with it but now I have to find something else. Probably more games to play on my psvr or something in a bundle.

  2. Awesome and great game to play get Meg man bulde game including Megman one and two and final fantasy 7 remake still have cats quest 2 too aslo get ghost of tushima and assassin creed Valhalla relly awesome game to play

  3. Always look forward to the videos. Thanks for making one good thing about 2020 at least. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be too much on this video that intrigues me. Will RDR2 ever be $20 or less? That's my breaking point, but thanks to your great work, I've got a monster catalog of games that probably totals $100.

  4. Anybody know why saint seya isn't even on the online store – let alone on sale? Been looking for that game for a good price forever but disk copies are scsrce and/or expensive…

  5. Hey Gamecross have you finished AC Valhalla ? Cos 15-20 hours seems like rushed. I got 20 hours and I’m still not done half of it lol

  6. Nioh 2 for $25? The physical version is still $9.99 everywhere I've looked. In fact I just ordered it on amazon for that price. Seeing a bunch of better deals when it comes to physical over digital for a while now.

  7. Hotline Miami Collection for 5$ is a really good deal, even better if you have a PS Vita to have both of these cross-platform games 😎

  8. Here in New Zealand some games are cheaper in-store than the PS Store. GOT here is 59 dollars and TLOU II is 39 dollars. In the PS store its 85 for GOT and 68 for TLOU II. Not really impressed on the PS Store Sale.

  9. You missed it 1 watchdogs legions it's $30 to the standard $50 for the 1 with the season pass ridiculous deal insanity you missed out bye-bye

  10. I was waiting for Battlefield Hardline to be on sale, and guess what? It's not even on sale along with bf4. But bf1 is? Why? Just why? I played bf1 the weapon customization and gameplay are just not worth it.

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