29 thoughts on “NEW Nintendo Change ESHOP SALE For Week four September 2019

  1. This would be better if it was a shorter video with a bit of commentary. Just feels lazily thrown together. Thumbs down

  2. Я теперь ненавижу Нинтендо!! Чувствую себя обманутым..нуж твою мать, я так ждал ni no kuni, а они на английском ее выпустили..какого хрена, почему не перевели? Продам нахер switch..

  3. Not gonna lie.. But why make riot games part of the vid so long as it was kina pointless. It comes across like u trying to pass the 10 min mark and doesn't give a good impression

  4. You often make very long videos for nothing. Extending each game’s video to fill the 10 min. Anyway Moonlighter may be my next purchase. 👍🏻

  5. I have all the Sonic games on multiple platforms, don't need another version. Riot is a hard pass even at $5. Garbage posing as a video game. Not sure about the others, need to check them out. I've been pretty disappointed by most of the sales on the eshop.

  6. My ordered shipped for links Awakening and nino kuni can't wait. Gonna played them with my HORi controllers. This weekend is gonna be a good one indeed.

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