45 thoughts on “NEW Nintendo Change ESHOP SALE For Week 2 January 2020

  1. We made a big mistake. The prices we show here are the full price. The discount % is right though. We will do our best to make sure it wont happen again

  2. I think prices for UK eShop games are the original prices, not the discounted prices. For instance, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is originally 49.99 and now discounted to 33.29 pounds. 33% off is right but NOW 49.99 pounds in the video may mislead people.

  3. so 60% off and street fighter is 44.99 pound? Im not sure how much that is but I bought it at walmart for 19.99. What a crap sell on crap games. Thanks Nintendo. This is switch planet approved?

  4. 10$ less for an old full price game. The lowest they will go will be 39.99. These aren’t sales they are showing us how greedy they are with these sales!!!!

  5. I just wanna say I love watching these first thing in the morning when i drink my coffee, and i sit down and hear the theme music and it just makes me happy, like in a nostalgic way idk why .. and that's not sarcasm, apparently i see theres a few who HATE the intro theme but I genuinely really like it 🙂 .. and it's way more fun and informative watching your videos than to look at the eshop lol so thanks

  6. it's been a few years now. When will you change that intro song? i hate it with a burning passion, i know it's only 13seconds of it, but each time i hear it play i wanna puncture my eardrums….

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