New Clue in Unsolved Storage Sale Homicide Case

New Clue in Unsolved Storage Sale Homicide Case

It has been practically two years since a Texas lady was shot useless whereas organising a storage sale. Now, police have launched a brand new video that her household hopes will …

32 thoughts on “New Clue in Unsolved Storage Sale Homicide Case

  1. What totally a woman with white socks or shoes on. They look like socks and she has long hair. It almost seems unplanned and a crime of passion.

  2. What makes people do this things?? But i gotta say they totally were planning on killing her if they were scouting the neighborhood the day before she was killed it’s definitely someone close to her that knows her address prob a ex husband

  3. Waited till hubby left? ….convenient……how did they know he would even leave that day at all?😏…was he having an affair i wonder ….

  4. I don't understand why someone would randomly pull up to a garage sale and kill someone. Somene could've easily saw them. They must have had a deep hate for her and wanted to trick everyone

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