Negotiating a robust low cost in your new Porsche (or any automobile)

Negotiating a robust low cost in your new Porsche (or any automobile)

I get requested lots what my course of is when shopping for a brand new automobile…the important thing for me is to take as many variables out of the method as potential and to maintain the …

29 thoughts on “Negotiating a robust low cost in your new Porsche (or any automobile)

  1. Offering to pay outright in cash, is that favourable to a better deal from dealers or do they prefer leasing/financing to make fees from that?

  2. Salesmen are not there to just take as much money from you as possible. To contrary belief, we are here to serve our clients, guide them through their decision, and offer a positive and enjoyable buying experience. And if we ask for compensation for these services, is that wrong?
    Life’s not all about discounts. Pay for great service, and the dealer will go above and beyond to keep your business and keep you happy.

  3. Excellent video, full of very useful information. Do you know what sort of discount is possible for the Porsche Macan base 2 litre car currently?

  4. The most important tip offered here is to sell your car elsewhere. Any discount you negotiate, or most of it, will disappear in the trade.
    No dealership can afford to lose money and no salesman can afford to lose commission. If they don’t hit the margin on the floor, they’ll hit it in the finance office.
    You’re not driving off the lot a big winner, that’s all there is to it. Wave bye bye to the Gentleman’s Club as you drive past it in your new car.
    If you want a guaranteed 15% to 25% discount, buy a used, low mileage Porsche.

  5. Normally I like your videos but this was one was really bad. Your an accountant buying a car. Real discounts can be created by entrepreneurs.

  6. I live in Seattle, Was and I almost always travel 50+ miles to buy or sell to a dealership. I love the 4 to 10m boats. 20's to 69 LincolnS, T-Birds, LTDs, or almost any truck. I don't ever make money or break even. I'm going to spend a couple days find and research a 100 year old Chrysler somewhere. I'll have a plan and know exactly what they are going to do for me. Can't wait to apply what you talked about and have fun calling the shots. I have a Gremlin named Zippy that took money from 911s Hondas & Vw's in the 90's. He has a built big block out of a Tornado in the back. Thank you and keep the rubber side down.

  7. Hey Nick, great video. Is it worth getting an external multipoint check on a 1.5 year old porsche macan S to ensure no well known faults are present even when you have a 2 year warranty?

  8. I have been offered 133k from initial 151k. Ive tried bring it down to 130 for about 4 days and they won't budge. Considering this video I may just go for it.

  9. Hi Nick, are there any discounts on factory orders? I've been told by my dealer that there are absolutely no factory discounts and also that there isn't a guarantee on allocation. This is regarding a carerra s 2021. Please advise.

  10. During March and April due to COVID uncertainty local Porsche dealer sold couple of 992 CS with 20% discount (150k EUR cars were discounted to 120k EUR) and one Cayman GT4 was sold for 94k – discounted from 117k. Someone got really lucky!

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