Need the most effective automobile deal doable? Purchase THIS coloration automobile.

Need the most effective automobile deal doable? Purchase THIS coloration automobile.

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0:00 Introduction
1:45 Purchase a purple automobile
3:00 Analysis on automobile colours
4:45 How sellers handle stock
5:50 Automobile colours by state
8:20 Implications on manufacturing unit order vehicles

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As we speak Ray and Zach talk about what affect automobile coloration has on how doubtless you can negotiate a a automobile deal. Should you’re on the lookout for the most effective automobile value doable, purchase a purple automobile.

24 thoughts on “Need the most effective automobile deal doable? Purchase THIS coloration automobile.

  1. I will forever miss the mauve 1962 Buick Special my husband had when we were dating. We called her The Pink Lady. Even the steering wheel was pink.

  2. I have owned several black vehicles. With proper care (twice yearly paint protection applied and regular washing, often with a waterless product) a black vehicle looks great for years.

    The color which seems to age badly is silver.

    The worst color ever is gold. That color says nothing but "hi, I am a geriatric please give me room!'

  3. Why would a dealer buy a car from the manufacturer in those colors if they know it will be a hard sale? I know the Dodge cars have that plum crazy and it's their trademark color.

  4. I have a lexus sc430. Absolutely red is the perfect color for its lines. Every car will look best in a particular color, due to its design lines or size.

  5. I think colour is true for most cars but Kia Souls are multi coloured and that is what people are looking for when they buy it. But yes it is a funky anomaly.

  6. Agree but there are exceptions, low production colors in a low production trim level. For example, a challenger TA in indigo blue. Very few true TA trim levels made and almost none in that color. Actually surprised by the low percentage of blue in your chart.

  7. Your Auto Advocate. What color of a car, gets the most amount of speeding tickets, or poliece stoppages for mickey mouse things like licence plates lights out? "RED" ! go ahead and get that red sports car, looks sharp,! but will be stopped by cops more than any other color! and if your from the Northern states driving in the south, with a red car, lotta luck! your a sitting duck! And if your from the south, driving in the northern states, please dont smoke by the fuel pumps! Iv seen it happen!

  8. So if I try to buy a purple full size SUV I can get it for a good price. I will try tomorrow to see I spotted one in a dealer near me and I am in the market for a Full size SUV.

  9. I have “gold”. It’s ambiguous, it blends in, it never looks dirty, it doesn’t get hot like black, it’s warm, it’s classy.

  10. I wanted a red 2019 Camry XSE V6 which looked exactly like the red I wanted online until I saw it in person and it was more light burgundy (super sonic red) and I HATE burgundy. My 2nd choice was pearl white…….panoramic roof and black wheels….forget about it and I was sold.
    Black in my opinion is the best color IF you know what you're getting yourself into but after 3 straight black cars……I needed a rest and less aggravation.

  11. The two positives notes about a purple car? You can find it in a parking lot and the chances of being stolen are a bit slim. Yes I owned a purple car once and the mechanics gave it the nickname Purple Passion. Thanks as always guys for your videos!

  12. Making fun of me Ray? Dodge discontinued PCP. Thing is, saying people prefer a color is kind of non-sense in that people don't order cars, they buy what's on the lot. My experience has been if it's not on the lot, they won't try to get it for you. Where I live now, AZ, its all white, black or gray/silver. As far as resale, used purple challenger RTs are priced nuts right now.

  13. So is the reason most of the cars sold are the Boring Four because that is what is preferred or is it because those are the only choices if they want to buy a car today? I’ve been car shopping and it drives me crazy to look down the lot at a sea of Boring Four cars. I drive a red car now but want a red-orange one next. Kinda hard to find.

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