32 thoughts on “My NO BUY Month Problem: 12 months of Easy

  1. I think If you're doing a no buy challenge and you suddenly have something that you need like flip flops it would be better to go to a thrift store and buy them second hand instead of new.

  2. Great job! I am planning on a "no buy" week every month and Starbucks only once a month (that one will be tough!). Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. My issue is impulse shopping as well. I will literally order my groceries on Walmart's website, pick them up, and then go inside the store and buy more stuff…smh. I'm trying to do better. Oh, and Target is so bad for me that I try to never go there. However, my boss gave me a gift card for Christmas this year so I'm not going until I know there's something I truly need. You did really well though.

  4. So when I do a no buy month I typically do a no buy on wants. Meaning if I run out of milk I buy it because my kids eat cereal for breakfast, so it is something that is essential. Or my boys tear up their pants, and just recently on my no buy month I discovered that they no longer had slacks for church that actually fit. We first tried doing the hand-me-down and hand-me-up but my boys differ in waist build and leg length just enough that we needed to buy each of them a pair. I got really creative with my crafting doing more DIYs and got creative with nail polish on my hands, and got really creative in the kitchen with meals. When I got the urge to go out and shop, I busied myself with landscaping and cleaning the yard or organizing an area of my house. I did A LOT of purging…..lol

  5. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your channel. This video was hilarious and so relatable. I cackled. “Going into the salon isn’t going to make me want to impulse buy perm.” Thank you for the laugh. Off to watch your other videos!

  6. Wanted to say that you're my new bff. I think you & I are very similar in that neither of us wants excess…just for the sake of excess. It's exhaustive to watch haul videos. My problem is consignment & thrift stores. Ill find something amazing..something I could never justify paying full price for..but I have to MAKE myself stop & ask "is this exciting just because it's a steal? OR is it valuable to ME?" It's a battle lol. Pray for me lol.

  7. One thing I've done with my No-Buy challenges is I change up per month what I'm not buying. For example the month of May I decided not to buy clothes. But I noticed I was eating a LOT of pizza and some of my clothes are worn out. So next month I'm going No-Buy pizza & I can still buy clothes guilt-free.

  8. Who are you. I just found your channel thru Matilda looking at Bobbi Brown lip crush…and find you so refreshing and binge watching your videos. I have yet to reach a no but success month yet! I feel ya….

  9. Oh Man you're the bomb! I wanna be like you! 1 month sounds so easy, but looking back what i bought last month….pffff! And with spring collections everywhere, it's hard :  I'm going to try a low but from today (..maybe tomorrow?! lol) Declutter i can do, i'm good with decluttering 🙂

  10. I'm proud of you for your no-buy February. I was going to do it and then got sucked in by all the spring fashion shows on the shopping channels, I was really bad! Bought liads of clothes and accessories I did not need and don't have room for in my closet.
    I think part of the reason I have been so bad is that I am recovering from an open heart surgery for an aorta aneurysm and I have been having some minor stroke symptoms and I think I am feeling sorry for myself. I haven't even been able to drive myself anywhere for the last two months. I need to get a grip on myself and realize that amassing more and more clothes isn't going to make me feel any better.

  11. I’m not even 4 minutes in and I can feel pain for you! Love the idea of not getting a cart!! Right now I’m getting rid of clothes I’ve never worn and frankly I’m tired of all the energy to clean and organized what I don’t use! I think you did great. I can’t count how many 11th hour coupons I’ve used. Sometimes I will just try and get through midnight so they expire and I feel relief- UNTIL I get an email saying they’ve extended the sale one more day:/

  12. I did a no buy January as I have a make-up + handbag addiction…I found it quite easy but as soon as February came I went mental + bought 5 coats with the money I had saved. I am also on a make-up no buy for a year…it is easier than expected + I am enjoying shopping my stash!

  13. My no buy lasted like 5 days…but I wasn't prepared and stumbled into it. Or that's the excuse I'm telling myself! I did try to be more intentional though, and no makeup purchases which was HUGE this month!!

  14. I just love you. You're so dang real!!! Listen, I could be your mother, in fact my beautiful, talented, amazing daughter was born in '79….I love the fact that you can teach others, WE ALL CAN TEACH OTHERS, no matter what age or stage in life….you're "no buy" was not a fail. You did quite well! I was watching another you tube video gal last night applying bronzer (hey, I'm a nurse…I work really hard and I want to know what else is out there in the world……) and she mentioned how the brush was really old and probably not on the market anymore…Well, I took on that challenge and yessiree, found it and indeed used my Amazon prime and click it will be a my door on Monday. Why? WHY? Because it took minimal effort to purchase. You drive home (even without your car pads) some thought provoking comments. Thanks for your sparkle and joy and looking forward to your declutter video. I've been reading the Marie Kondo book, along with everyone else in the world, trying to understand my need to keep so much stuff. Pretty sure my brush will no doubt be decluttered at some point….Oy…

  15. Loved hearing your thoughts as always! Still going strong on my two month no buy – one month in, I feel like I've definitely broken the cycle of frivolous purchases that went on late last year. That doesn't mean I don't have a small wishlist for when it ends.. but that constant desire to go out and pick something up has definitely subsided. Success! x

  16. I need to do this. Not a nothing, but a no random junk on amazon at midnight that I don't really need, and no sephora and target impulses.

  17. No roto pads at the service station…boy that's self control! You are such a delight to watch. I like how you broke down your intention. Congrats on the successful NO BUY FEBRUARY. And I can't wait to see you style those culottes. ~Dawne

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