44 thoughts on “My Haul From the Gibson Worker's Sale | Trogly's Unboxing Guitars Vlog #97

  1. That #2 is a real show-stopper! What was your favorite item from this episode?
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  2. Did he say one of the cases was for a reissue of the 1968 Les Paul Reissue? I'ma hold out for 2048 reissue of the 1968 reissue reissue. Basically Gibson is telling us that they are still learning how to make the guitars they made 60+ years ago. If they are still learning how to make those guitars after 60+ years how did they manage to make a guitar that was even usable back then?

    I've owned a couple of Gibsons and they were wonderful guitars that I loved but this meta reissue stuff honestly makes me embarrassed to want one.

  3. Enjoying your episodes immensely–a weekly must-see 'tv' for me. Speaking of the '68 Les Paul reissue/reappearance, have you ever done an installment on the background and history of the original LP reissues from the late '60s? Extra credit if you have/acquire actual examples in order to do so!!

  4. Just asking, do you ever buy anything but a Les Paul? I don't watch on a regular basis but everytime I see an episode…yup, another LP.

  5. Awesome to see Alpine Valley on that case. It's in my backyard. Nothing like Alpine. Tailgating with 100K people in the parking lots. Great times.

  6. Buying a relic-ed guitar and case is like buying a pre-dented car from the dealer or a half-eaten loaf of bread. Never will understand it.

  7. Michael Weber is an astounding player. Just needs a little style that's his own to set him apartment from the gymnastics of his incredible skills. Among LP players, when you hear Joe Walsh, you know it's him. When you hear Mick Ronson, same. Duane Allman. Neil Young. Zakk Wylde

  8. Trog man, you totally rock that jacket. Break in and do some modelling with a Lessie over your shoulder.

    I adore reissues. I like them better than vintage ones.

  9. Where is the tweed case with yellow/Gold interior on your Reverb shop? It would be awesome for my R9! I got money to spend, since the other case I got from you doesn't fit…

  10. Geez Austin I like you so much, and you’re so good to us with all this great guitar information all the time. I know you’re not very fond of it so let me take that nasty red sunburst prototype 1 thing with all the silly scribbling on the back of the headstock and all the dorky ageing dings out of your sight for you and a very merry Christmas to you, good health, lotsa love.

  11. Why are you keeping the paperwork underneath the guitars inside the case? Isn't that going to possibly scratch the finish? Or, with a relic, does that not matter? There's a little box inside each case made for that stuff… and you paid how much for each of these? ….. (ridiculous stupid prices I'm sure)

  12. I think the break in period for a good leather jacket is about 15-20yrs lol. I still have the first one I bought when I was 19, I'm 45 now. The jacket itself fits but my arms grew along the way. It's more of a 3/4 sleeve now

  13. Wear it playing; for some home relic-ing. Nice, looks split grain. Real deal top grain hard as rock, weighs a ton.
    Great show, thanks.

  14. Just want to let you know, ppl are barely surviving to make a mortgage payment. I hope you realize you are blessed? I envy you.. Along with millions of others.. ❤

  15. Good god, Michael Weber is a fantastic player! I’ve never heard a person on YouTube own a Les Paul like he just did. He’s a guy who knows exactly what to play on those amazing axes. I’m blown away. 😮🤘🏻

  16. I could almost unsubscribe over having to watch that Weber guy. He is trying way too hard. He can play but he is way too busy, and that face… I surely wouldn't want to be in a band with that dude. Lol. He really seems pretty proud of himself to put it nicely.

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