30 thoughts on “my first strive on haul since my surgical procedure!! 😛🛍 missguided haul w low cost code advert

  1. I love this video, and I've been a subscriber since 2011. But I remember reading an article (and I read it again recently) where it mentions you're 5'6" — not 5'8" or 5'9." One article even has you as being 5'4." I'm not that tall myself, either. 😅

    You know your information as a public figure will be out there, and we can all see it 😅💜

  2. When linking in the description box you should write which one is for which one as it will be easier for us to actually press the link we want the item for and not go through them one by one

  3. 🌷Such a Great Video🌷
    Omfg they all looK cute as hell on u
    😁Yesssssss gurl i see u😁
    😚Your BeautiFul Self😚
    MaKeup always on point
    🤗Nice cheeks structure🤗
    Hope u Enjoying your Bless Weekend
    😇Stay Safe N Be bless Too😇

  4. I loveeee that slouchy peachy dress! Looks so comfy yet a lil classy 👀 Also that blue sweatshirt and playboy hoodie look so warm and comfortable!❤

  5. I love the Playboy and Chicago hoodie on you 😍 And can we get into your meme references ! Hope you're well love, sending hugs ♡

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