35 thoughts on “My 2021 RAM TRX Lastly Died… Time To Purchase a New One

  1. My 2002 dodge dakota would drive threw that snow like nothing,she is my getherbaby thats her name, lots of money in it under 190 000 km, she is the first and only truck i had..Dodge lover and nothing eles..

  2. Mby put the 44s all the way around and it would actually work.. lol if anyone that owns a truck and don’t know this then not sure what the fuck. 😅

  3. Jumping on the land fad. Get ready for a lot of work or hiring someone do it. Not many people have a clue what they’re getting into. I live in acreage subdivision with only 3 to 7 acres and see people move in and within 3 years they’re gone. To much work.

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