26 thoughts on “Must you purchase iPhone 11 Professional in 2021?

  1. Man, the 11 pro is my dream phone. But its expensive as hell and no longer offered on my telco recontact plan. Opted to get the s21plus instead. If only it's offered and available, would get it anytime of the day.

  2. Time : 35 second was epic😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆



  3. Great build BUT uses proprietary Lightning port (but uses USB-c on the ipad?).

    Nice camera BUT no microSD card slot to keep lots of footage long term (iCloud is Apple's storage, not yours).

    Nice SoC – best performing if its generation, in fact – BUT they only give you a peasant-spec 25W charger in the box for a phone that used to cost >$1500 in it's priciest spec (iPhone 11 Pro Max 512Gb).

    TL;DR – If you're moving to iPhone from Android, you're seriously limiting your options.🙂 If you're already in Apple's walled garden, they've already got you by the balls so don't worry about it, chief.🙃👍⚰

  4. It doesn’t matter what iphone you buy now really, they pretty much reached the ceiling in therms of performance. I don’t see why even my iphone xr needs to be faster, the only things you might miss out on are some gimmicks

  5. In any given year, last years phone is always a better deal. Because it’s technically outdated and goes for a lower price. Always the case.

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