35 thoughts on “Millionaire retailers at Amish Retailer | Life for Sale

  1. See what is interesting about The Amish is that they kept hold of the Old World values. Which is rare. And rarity of something determines its value. And when you start holding on to good, quality old world methods and cuisines in a world that is degrading further and further.. You achieve Pricelessness.

    + They are founded upon Christianity which, if you accept Christ, means you will inherit eternal life.

    Not a bad deal.

  2. middlesworth chips are a religion in Pennsylvania. after watching further, so are turkey hill teas HAHAHA. cant believe to see them in Florida

  3. UBER charges a 30% commission. Ben is absolutely correct. You can't make a profit in foodservice with such a commission, it's insane. The average profit in foodservice is less than 6%.

  4. Sorry he is not rich as you . You just should appreciate it the effort. Shows your true character he does what he can afford I’m sure at his age you couldn’t either. Shout out to you rafel God bless you and your house and future. And your son saying look where we at what do your mean class. This is class to the hard working Americans. You guys got egos to your head. Unsubscribing and hope and sure others will . And your son in purple knows nothing about Uber lol the father is right. The son made himself look dum. Who cares about exposure if you don’t profit from it lol. Don’t act smart when you know it’s makes no sense. Business man?

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