Might 29th* Seeker 2 Professional Blue* Flash sale video!

Might 29th* Seeker 2 Professional Blue* Flash sale video!

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Try the wonderful costs and particulars for our sale subsequent Friday Might 29 with new restricted version finishes as much as 40% off with freebies!


40% off Grey PL-Mini 2 + Desert Tan I5T – $76.74 (Save $48.16)
40% off Seeker 2 Professional Blue + Desert Tan I5T – $109.74 (Save $73.16)
40% off Purple S1R Baton II + Desert Tan I1R 2 – $52.74 (Save $35.16)
25% off Desert Tan I5T by itself – $24.71 ($8.24)
40% off Get all four collectively – Mega pack – $208.68 (Save $139.12)

Free Olight Bandana for anybody who registers a brand new account or logs in on Might 29 and provides it to their cart!

Spend $99 or extra = Free I3UV ($14.95 Worth)
Spend $199 or extra = Free S1R Baton II in black ($64.95 Worth)
Spend $259 or extra = Free Perun in black ($84.95 Worth)

20 thoughts on “Might 29th* Seeker 2 Professional Blue* Flash sale video!

  1. Be aware, I have 3 new baldr pro , 2 green and 1 red…..they cant take other 123 batteries like energizers, I messaged olight with a picture showing that their olight batteries are shorter than others so the baldr pro will ONLY TAKE olight 123a batteries. This was their response, I'd like a full refund

  2. Stupid limited editions. If you are a business and you can sell 50,000 of something why only make 9,999 of them? I guess they don’t want money. Nobody gives a fucking shit about having a “special” light that very few people have. They just want one. So I am all about having different color options but I don’t give a fuck about it’s rarity. You fucking idiots. We just want one so mass produce them or start with producing say 20,000 and if they sell out in two days make more. Imagine if Apple was like “You know guys , I think we should just make 10,000 iPhones. We don’t want to make too much money. It would be better if there were only a few people that have our products. That way it’s special for them. Who cares if we make a lot of money?” Is there like some Chinese dude hand painting the lights purple, or what? They are produced very industrially I am sure. Why only make 9,999? You’re website stinks. I struggled for an hour to order one. And finally gave up. Olight sucks! Someone over there needs to be fired. I am not going to stop leaving comments on your videos about how dumb your business practices are until you guys change. Or do like Benchmade does with certain limited edition knives. They make them for a year so even if it comes out in January you can still send them your fricken money in December. Why do they sell them like that? So that they can bring in revenue all year! Those Americans sure are intelligent. No wonder our gross domestic national product is so high. We accept money and conduct business all year. Quite revolutionary. Very shrewd. I thought Asians were supposed to be intelligent. Maybe there are just a lot of idiots working at Olight.

  3. Nice sale! With this package, since it comes with the free I3UV light, can we opt for something else (like of same value or less expensive)? That free UV light is useless to 99% of people. I have no use for it. I’d really appreciate the I1R 2 instead.

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