Microsoft Floor Laptop computer Go evaluate: One of the best-looking laptop computer $550 should purchase

Microsoft Floor Laptop computer Go evaluate: One of the best-looking laptop computer $550 should purchase

This new lower-cost laptop computer cuts a couple of corners to maintain its sharp appears at an affordable value. My normal caveat is — I am not a video/YT headline professional, so tweak as wanted.

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44 thoughts on “Microsoft Floor Laptop computer Go evaluate: One of the best-looking laptop computer $550 should purchase

  1. The Surface brand deserves to fail selling these asinine hardware specs. These ā€œgoā€ variants are going straight into the trash after couple years of use

  2. Everybody is doing the same review on $699 set & it's boring to watch all the repeat review. Where's the review comparison for all 3 model in gaming & productivity softwares?

  3. It would make way more sense if they bring the tier down and get rid of the 4GB model.
    $549 for 8GB RAM 128GB SSD
    $649 for 8GB RAM 256GB SSD
    $899 for 16GB RAM 256GB SSD
    *Or maybe keep the storage configuration and switch the eMMC with proper SSD.

    4GB make sense for Chromebooks but never on Windows 10. I honestly don't see any point of buying 4GB Windows machine if you just need to do Chromebook stuffs. They own Windows 10 so they don't need to pay for licensing for it. Why still put a premium on "budget" product?

  4. they market this as a $550 laptop, but when you actually bump up the specs so it is a ACTUAL USABLE LAPTOP, it get to $900, in which you can get a far supirior laptop with a bigger screen.

  5. To much focus on cosmetics and material choice. I rather it be all plastic but the base model is 256gb of storage and 6gb of ram. Build quality means nothing for a budget laptop so ideally money shouldn't be spent on that aspect. That's like making a lamborghini body but giving it a V6 with 16inch tires… looks good but has no real reason to. I would kind of understand if it was apple doing this since everyone knows what a macbook is. Very few people even know microsoft sells their own branded laptops.

  6. The 64 emmc variant should not exist. Not fit for purpose. The price premium for 256 variant is a rip off and really great laptops exist at that price. I'm afraid lots of people are going to buy the cheap one not really knowing much about IT and that is unforgivable nvme cannot be upgraded making this a throwaway device that won't last.

  7. Take the $900 model of the Surface Laptop Go;

    For an extra $270 (MSRP) you get a 13.5" Surface Laptop 3 which has:

    1. Larger Higher PPI screen (140 vs 201ppi) (biggie – Cannot believe the GO is sub FHD)

    2. A better IRIS PLUS graphics card (Super bigggie)

    3. Keyboard backlighting (Super biggie)

    4. Windows Hello Face camera (a biggie)

    5. Surface Pen support (not a biggie)

    6. Aluminum all round (not a biggie)

    7. A glass trackpad (vs plastic)

    I cannot believe that the GO is crippled in so many ways just for a $270 difference in price. You must want portability real bad to buy the GO. I was okay with most of the omissions above until I found out that it had no backlit keyboard….that was a real shocker from Microsoft. Just FYI I own a Surface Book 2 15" i7, 16GB, 512GB so I am a surface supporter. But this backlit keys thing…….super deal breaker.

  8. Hi, I just got mine today. I noticed in the past when I've worked on surface laptops there is an audible click noise and a strong magnetic hold when you plug in the charger. However my Go laptop, the magnetic hold feels weak and I find myself having to push the charger up a little for it to actually charge and if the cable tilts downward ever so slightly, it stops charging.
    Considering its a cheaper build than the regular surface laptops, is this a problem you've had? Or should I go exchange my laptop?

  9. I went with Aspire 5 instead. The IPS display is awesome and looks good at any angle. I returned a touchscreen HP for it. I couldn't stand how reflective the screen was like this thing has. Also to stick up for it, mine isn't full of plastic. It has an aluminum top lid and the rest is so solid and doesn't flex.

  10. If memory ram and SSD hard disk are replaceable or can be upgraded, it will be a bargain to buy the $599 version and upgrade to a largest RAM and SSD on our own

  11. S mode is for schools (parents), so they can protect their students (child).
    If you watch the promotional video, pretty clear who MS is targeting…smh

  12. Budget ey whatā€™s a budget for Microsoft šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ didnā€™t Microsoft focus on making laptops less expensive compared to apple.

    Yet they selling expensive special surface laptops assholes and ā‚¬500 being budget pffff šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ they becoming apple now ey

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