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  1. Un colchón viejo no mantiene la firmeza como uno nuevo, la adaptabilidad empeora y produce problemas tanto fisicos como mentales. Por lo que la postura se modifica al dormir. Esto puede producir pinzamientos o tirones en los músculos del cuello. Originando ese molesto dolor cervical que empeora considerablemente la calidad de vida de quien lo sufre a diario.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love this mattress!>>>ur2.pl/1225 It really is true that an opinion on a mattress is completely subjective but I am certainly glad that I took a chance on this one. I have a queen tuft and needle and loved that one but it would bother my should occasionally ……I decided to upgrade to a king and keep the tuft and needle in my guest room and decided to try the Leesa mattress, but that for some reason wasn’t a good fit for me, it was too soft in some of the places I needed support, and as much as I was afraid to go through the hassle of returning it in leu of trying the Casper I am so glad I did. I am literally writing this review while laying on my Casper……it’s only been the first night and instantly I can tell you it’s perfect in every way!

  3. If you purchase a mattress with a "Sleep Trial" – you can't go wrong. The only true way to know the perfect mattress is to actually sleep on it for several nights. Even trying one in the showroom might not be accurate. Everyone has such different requirements from a mattress there is unfortunately no universal solution (yet!).

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