35 thoughts on “MEGA SALE ! | Nintendo Change ESHOP

  1. whats the point of your sales? you put the games that not doing very well in selling , this still wont help it , just put games big names that you've done milking instead

  2. I was extremely disappointed by the Yu-Gi-Oh game! It's getting really boring really fast and it's just messy. I hope that older Yu-Gi-Oh titles will be available on Switch at some point (or even better – a new and better one 😉 )

  3. I played child of light in the wiiu and man amazing game loved to start to finish one of the games I would erase my memories to play again

  4. Get Gris! It's just wonderful
    Don't get Ni No Kuni. Anime cutscenes are awesome but the game is pretty bad, I had to stop playing it after 5 or 6h, controls are super bad, everything is super generic… Disappointing.

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