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  1. This is what Jesus said about the rich. It is easier for God to enter a camel from the hole for the needle than for the rich to enter the kingdom of God

  2. It's sad that many of us have known about this for decades and decades and it's only now that is coming to the surface in recent years great documentary….🇺🇸🐑🐖🏝🌱 I'm glad I have My 2 Acre Farm and grow my own food and have my own animals.

  3. The Amazon series THE HUNTERS showed how the US. Gov works hand in hand with the nazis to use high fructose syrup through candy sending them to poor urban neighborhoods etc

  4. excellent thanks bestwishes
    =summary>The world is dramastage weare actors Our life is what we do OUR ACT, our daily living is our daily acting role, acting finished means life finished. WE ARE SEEKING SUITABLE BRIDES FOR OUR TWO SONS, OUR GOAL IS TO ENABLE THEM REACH FULL TRUE HIGHER POTENTIAL, FUTURE PRESIDENTS OF USA. I was fired from AT&T Bell Labs in 1992 scientist engineer, it was big shock for whole family, in India too. interviews for new jobs blocked. although in shock wife worked from low level hard work later promoted, children targeted.  
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    Fwd2020 September 23Me: Ravi, my assessment/ guesses below =>King of the East = Japan,King of the North = Norway,King of the South = Saudi Arabia,King of the West = United Kingdom,Others are being used and/ or helping them directly and/ or indirectly, along with their interests and ideologies, China also included. Nature of the Deep state is involved in various strong ways, including the nature of the different religions and their associated deep states, some extremely very strong… for many others, individuals also, it is just survival under whatever conditions exist for them…

    On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 10:21 AM Thirumala Raya Halemane <[email protected]> wrote:======= 

    2019 June 15
    Me: Beautiful.
    Although in severe shock and great stress, we have faced the challenges and moved forward crossing the barriers, biases, impediments etc that came before us, … it was tough, not easy, for my wife and sons and the others also … I brought up my two sons Kaviraj and Shilpi as future presidents of usa, with that attitude/ outlook/ mindset, supporting and encouraging the leadership nature already in them. They are born in usa, grew up in usa and consider themselves as Americans. The country, the people and the whole world including India where we parents are originally from will need their leadership and contributions to go forward towards better future vision in true spirit of America. It is the nature of truth, nature of nature, nature of humanity. It is the only way. There is no other choice. Actually, we do not need a different choice. Because, it is also the best way. Perfect for America and the whole world. Nothing else can be better, however you may look at it. Best wishes. Aummmm….

  5. 27:1427:20 Why is someone running into a cow with a fork lift? Kirk Douglas had health problems in his 40's or 50's he changed what he ate and drank, and started regular exercise and lived to 103. Not sure what he all ate and drank though. So changing diet and exercising can help to live longer. Some places have Amish and Mennonites that sell more natural food that they grow. Clock factory exposed young women to deadly radium which caused cancer see video Radium girls.

  6. Grocery stores still sell turkeys and chickens with bones. Although can buy chicken breast without. Ray Kroc took over McDonalds restaurants and the McDonald brothers went bankrupt.

  7. Monsanto is out to poison the world, population control to engineer animals and people. It's not just about the food. This has been Monsanto's plan all along. Who do you think is responsible for all the chemtrails in the sky? Only thing they haven't engineered is water. That's probably next.

  8. This is great but nothing or no one is going to do anything to change it. Government is only worried about gun control and eradicating freedom of speech…and the people are only worried about themselves…we claim to have compassion for our fellow American but once we step out in the world we refuse to lend a helping hand. Get out of here. An informed American won't do anything but post crap on their social media page thinking they're making a difference. Its about making money we know that and those honest ones are starved out! People got bills to pay.

  9. Joe salastin grew real food American usda fuck usda is just a name food is food thank to the food engineer and machinery engineer created the system and made it worse you could do stuffs it don’t mean you go do it

  10. This is exactly what Indian Farmers are fighting for as we speak. Hundreds of Thousands of Indian Farmers are on the outskirts of the capital, New Delhi. Indian Government passed unconstitutional agricultural laws during the pandemic to capitalize the agricultural industry. A peaceful protest is on-going for more than 40 days now and continues and unfortunately being ignored by the Indian government because big industries are controlling the government. More than 60% of the Indian population is related to farming. National media is misrepresenting its farmers as terrorists and anti-nationalist because they are speaking out. The Indian government (Modi) is abusing its power. PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE AWARENESS. Thank you in advance.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjIDN5JX-sY ( English – BBC )- Current situation in INDIA.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2tN68Gkg5w — (Hindi)

  11. Fat BITCH was feeding her TWO YEAR OLD FAST FOOD BURGERS AT ONLY 24 MONTHS 🤦‍♂️ and probably smoking cigarettes in the house at the same time this she tries to sue others… Jesus christ

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