24 thoughts on “Maui Hawaii Hale Kai Condos For Sale

  1. SUGESTION: Hay Eric. Love the vids. I have a suggestion. Not a big deal, I just want you to be politically correct. You say: Real-A-tor when it's really pournonced Real-tor. There is no A in Realtor. Just didn't want someone else to call you on it in a meaner way. Most people say realAtor. Being that you are one means more to say correctly. Hope you don't mind me bringing this to your attention.

  2. 37’ so cold in Contra Costa, Nor/Cal but 🌞 ☀️ sunny high 63’ LOL a heat wave! God Eric I am home sick for Maui! Maybe a stingray will jump out saw that video! Thank you buddy hope your Thanksgiving with family was good! Where is that horn blower at?

  3. Thanks for all your tips and tricks. We were hoping to run into you during our Thanksgiving trip from the Bay Area. We hit several of your recommended spots such as Miso Phat in Kihei. The “secret” beach by Ace Hardware where we got to see a baby turtle emerging from its nest. Keep it up! We really appreciate your enthusiasm!

  4. I went to Maui about 23 years ago went to a mountain range to watch the sun come up intend to come back sometime soon lovely place

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