28 thoughts on “Mark Cuban: I wasn't telling anybody to purchase extra

  1. Literally, wall street thieves in suits pretending their information is better, when in reality their power is just fueled by Insider knowledge and manipulating news and thus sentiment.

    Americans, wake up. Wake the fnnnn up.

  2. I just jumped into ATVI
    Upside at 103.55
    Downside at 103. 61




    You Guys & Gals,
    Starting to see how the BROKERS feel about OG Reggie B.

    Working hard to keep your Brother down.

    Some professionals and they want you to trust them, with your hard earned money 💰 and the false education they've changed you thousands of dollars for.

    NOT I
    OG 4REAL

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  4. Funny I was in a few YT live where ppl were saying this. I was like: "this side is a bit delusional. I heard the same from mark as they did but didn't think he said buy.

  5. Actually Cuban said: "if you have money to spare, hold the stock #hold the line. But if you are tight, sell the stock".

    A half-assed advice which is swallowed – for the new traders to hold. Hey hombre, Cuban the billionaire is holding…they ignore the last part of the sentence…

  6. The problem with reddit is that everyone is anonimous. We need thought leaders to go public showing their face in reddit. Whether it is Mark Cuban or DFV

  7. No disrespect, but why would you possibly buy GME after the stock went up 200%….. It was a good show, but the show's over…

  8. Ya ok buddy what about short seller over shorting good companys .
    Dont cry cuz the retail investors figure out communication ! Your shorts are all.washed up now you aint fiding behin the curtain no more ! We got phones we got charts and we got msg boareds ! You try to act like trading is hard ? Lil kids clowing you wall street snakes !!! Haha think twice befor you short !

  9. I heard both interviews and mark sounded confused and walked back his points throughout the commentary… so this is why I don’t take anything the “cube” says anyway…

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