34 thoughts on “Malaysia: Infants For Sale | 101 East

  1. In romania you can buy abandoned baby for 10 trusland euro many tenn age women's giving birth lrave kids in hospitals and doctors make money they sold new born babies too cuplrs that cannot concive at ladt kid has a family not end up in orphanage

  2. God bless these babies and their mothers. It's sad it happens I hope wherever they end up their loved and cared about.
    I have a feeling that's not the case most often though.

  3. This is a common social problem globally, and it should not stated that malaysia is only the country that babies for sale. Actually there are many countries also doing the same (eg: China & Hong Kong, Mexico & US etc..)
    Recently I watched a documentary about thousands & thousands babies are abandoned by their parents in Japan, likewise these babies have no status & future. The point is japanese govt wouldn't put the babies in foster homes instead the abandoned babies will put up in institutions where only the baby sitters take care and the babies couldn't experienced a home life. So, i think the babies ended up in foster homes are much better than babies ended up in institutions. Just as in China 30 yrs ago baby girls ended up in US adopted family rather than to die instantly.

  4. This is a good informative investigative reporting! It does bring awareness!
    Yet, if this show wants to really help, it ought to have Listed all the Legit Charities and NGOs that are working in Malaysia and need financial or practical support!!
    So that the Viewers who are feeling helpless to do anything about this awful situation can help in a practical way, whether volunteering, or sending money, etc etc!! Or to Start Petitions to Malaysia and Own Govts, such as China, Philippines, Thailand to repatriate the Babies or, at least, give them Status and Citizenship!! Or take them to own country's Orphanages, place for Legal Adoptions!!

  5. May God protect every single baby in this world and help the good people who fight against this horrible business. May God send more good angels to stop this chain of corruption of doctors and authorities…

  6. I just watch a doc were babies are kidnapped and sold and it was heartbreaking so I'm torn by the fact these mothers are willingly selling the babies and the person in charge is providing shelter . on the on the other hand the babies can used for anything and that's sad as well .

  7. Traffickers: Made money
    This Hartini: Made publicity
    Aljazeera: Made publicity, Made Money, Spread demafatory statement

    Me as Malaysian to the reporters: Have you ever reporting this case to the authority? Or you just want to keep your job as AlJazeera reporters?

  8. They're talking about these innocent babies as if they were packages, it's so scary! I wouldn't be surprised if they boxed them up for shipping, jeez. This makes me so sad

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