MAJOR Nintendo Swap Video games on SALE RIGHT NOW! (Prime Day, Finest Purchase, Amazon)

MAJOR Nintendo Swap Video games on SALE RIGHT NOW! (Prime Day, Finest Purchase, Amazon)

In Swap Information, Zach goes over some nice Nintendo Offers with a LOWEST Value Nintendo Swap Video games on Amazon Prime Day, Finest Purchase and Gamestop with some nice 2020 swap video games and doable 2021 Swap Video games getting sequels and Nintendo Gross sales with some Finest Swap Video games and Offers with Gross sales on Nintendo Video games together with some Low cost Swap eShop offers as Zach goes over this big listing eshop listing. Do YOU plan on getting any of those video games on Sale THEY WILL GO QUICK Right now solely so do not wait!

Immortals Fenyx Rising – $49.94, 17% off LOWEST

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – $49.94,

The Outer Worlds – $29.99, 50% off LOWEST

Fireplace Emblem: Three Homes – $39.99, 33% off LOWEST

The Fantastic 101: Remastered – $29.83, 25% off

Splatoon 2

Tremendous Mario Odyssey

New Tremendous Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Mario Tennis Aces

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25 thoughts on “MAJOR Nintendo Swap Video games on SALE RIGHT NOW! (Prime Day, Finest Purchase, Amazon)

  1. These sales will go FAST… Amazon Prime day ends tonight, and Best Buy and Gamestop don't have end dates currently. Some of these sales may already be gone by the time you see this! Links are in the description as always1

  2. I highly recommend The Outer Worlds at $30. Now I wish I would of waited, because I bought it for $50. There is a LOT of stuff to do in that one!

  3. I got my daughter's and me animal crossing new horizons copies for 49.99 at Walmart but in the store not online.i saw many new games for 49.99 including splatoons 2 and SSBU and many others.

  4. These are good sales for brand new games, but I recommend buying used. I use OfferUp, and about a month ago I got animal crossing for $33 dollars, along with Luigi’s Mansion and Mario Party. I paid $100 for all three. And just today, I bought a switch lite with Zelda B.O.T.W., Darksiders Genesis and Pokémon Sword and Shield (Both) for $200; that is $20 bucks each game and $120 for the switch. Now I realize that I’ve been lucky to get such offers, but with patience it could be replicated. Also, its weakness is that you have to find the deal and so spend large amounts of time searching; just thought I’d let you all know that you can find steals on there.

  5. I mean, you can get AC at Walmart for $49.99 all day every day. Along with all other switch games. Walmart always sells the $10 cheaper.

  6. I’d buy Mario golf so fast!!! That’s my favorite game cube game ever!! These are all actually pretty good deals! Only game I have right now is AC so maybe I’ll get a mario game

  7. GameStop is a terrible store, but in the US, that’s the gaming centered store. GameStop opens games by having employees “test” them at home and that’s why they normally have a big stock of preowned games. Then they overprice their preowned games. Since there’s a sale, people are probably gonna buy the new games.

  8. I got civilization 6 for 15 USD and game night as well (monopoly,risk and don't remember the other one) at best buy also you have bioshock collection and xcom 2 collection for 30 USD each but don't remember the store now

  9. I ordered Zumba for the Switch from Target for $13.74 🙂

    Amazon has Civilization for $15 too. I'm not sure if he mentioned that.

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