37 thoughts on “Low cost Kaiserreich (HOI4)

  1. I believe if Canada breaks away from the UK on its own it turns Red, if it becomes a puppet or if the United Kingdom is annexed / puppeted and loses Canada that way, I think they become tanned

    So basically if the event for Canada breaking away pops up

  2. But are you gonna play as paper crown hate man in Siberia or play italy or turkey or romania or bulgaria or China or a break away in ostland or in Ukraine or in the cuascas or in Moscow or hungary or France or India or Canada or Finland or Poland or Sweden or Saudi Arabia or zlaust or….

  3. Your Faction is called Luftschloss…
    That means "Air Castle" – a Castle of Air, a building that doesn't exist. Basically, it means "Imagination"
    That's great.

  4. The mefo Bills were issued to hide the spending so in turn germany could hide the fact they were rearming from britain and france. If germany won ww1 they wouldn't exist in germany.

  5. Was that AShakey voice a voice changer or what??? If it is we need full AShakey video.
    Also fyi I believe the Canada color was changed in 1.10 update

    6:07 casual pakistan owning all of india

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