32 thoughts on “Low cost Grocery $20 Weekly Meals Finances Problem: Excessive Finances Grocery Haul

  1. Wow!! 😱. All of that for $20? That is unbelievable!! I will never understand how, with all the senior citizens 👵🏻👨🏻‍🦳 here in Fl that we don’t have those discount stores! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔 I’m pretty sure they would keep the stores very busy while they’re dealing with a limited income. Oh well! At least we finally have Aldis, and they really are a budget stretcher. I guess I really must remember to count my blessings!! 💝💝💝

    Nice video, btw! I always love seeing your chickadees, 🐓🐓🐓 and the snow is so clean and white and beautiful! ❄️☃️🌨
    So bye for now, but will see you again soon for sure!! Stay safe and warm and cozy. Oh and, please have a nice cuppa hot chocolate for me☕️ …..just please don’t forget the marshmallows and whipped cream! 🤣😂😅

  2. Oh what Beautiful Homes I see you live in Middleton Pa. Where is that near as I Love, Love, Love Lancaster pa. We go there a lot . You received very nice gifts . I Loved seeing the snow as I am waiting for us to get some here in Williamstown New Jersey. I Love how simple you live and canning I do also . I Love how Cheerful you always are . Thank you for taking us along for your Beautiful neighborhood. So until next time God Bless you and your husband and have a Blessed Evening and Stay Safe my dear Friend. Happy New Year to you and your husband.

  3. Cute new intro. Happy New Year. Wow, 9 inches. So far only dustings here in Southern Indiana. Thanks for the neat car ride.

  4. Please show those of us who live in non-snow areas tips for being safe on the road, having necessities and shoveling, so that when we do have a rare snow storm, we are prepared for safety and essentials.

  5. If you give your chicken an outdoor stick to roost on, she won't be flying to the top of that fence. She only wants to roost outdoors. She;s not trying to escape. However, birds generally choose the highest roost so there's something to think about. Give her a roost as tall as the fence but not near it and she'll probably roost on it if her claws are comfortable on the width. The wider her claws can spread open when she roosts, the more comfortable it will be.

  6. Hi Tessie do you have a video on your clothesline? Do you have a rope line or cable line? Thank you and I enjoy your videos.

  7. Tessie, I love your videos. I strongly dislike the snow. I am a farmer and my job gets harder with every inch that falls. Had 7” of snow on Christmas. Now, I am working in 7” of mud😣. I try to save all the money I can on groceries because I spend A LOT in feed. Thanks for all the advice.

  8. Hi Tessie – Are you planning on getting more hens in the spring? I just got a Murray McMurray catalog the other day. They have a great variety of chickens to choose from. What kind of seeds did you get? I have a seed addiction myself LOL

  9. My favorite store. I was watching to see If you got either of my kids. We’re you at Grace Chapel the other day? I think I may have held the door open as you were leaving and didn’t realize it until you were outside.

  10. Good afternoon Tessie! Oh yummy! .99 cents for pineapple 🍍😋. I can my pineapple, and I always have a variety of cakes cut into slices for desserts. After I open my jar of pineapple I make individual pineapple upside down cake. Microwave your cake to throw, in bowl add pineapple with juice, sugar and cinnamon and heat in microwave, add your cake on top. I store any left over pineapple in the same mason jar with plastic lid. One pint m akes 4 servings. Take a yellow cake mix and add Allspice and cinnamon, and it gives great flavor to the pineapple upside down cake. After I bake a cake I cut into individual slices and freeze. The yellow cake mix at the Dollar Tree is a good cake mix. Don't over spice your cake, less is more. I don't like cake mixes that already have spices added, they over do the spices. 🎆💲🙏❤💕

  11. The snow looks really beautiful, you got a good lot of groceries for $20. You made me giggle chasing chickens in the snow I hope she didn't hear you say she wasn't very smart 🤗 Love to you Tessie Xx ❤️✨

  12. Tessie, those vintage canning guides are golden. And they look to be in such great condition. How sweet of that subscriber to send them. Terrific bargains at the grocery store too. All in all — a very nice day!

  13. Tessie a thank you 🥰 I have been following your advice on lowering food budgets. I started buying short date & out of date foods after watching your food pantry videos. I had just delivered to my door 172 items for £82. here in the UK ,or $111, these included 39 cartons of UHT milk, 48 bottles of Evian water, Nutro cat food that is £25. for £4.99, top brands of soft drinks & snacks & lots of top brand skincare products, household products & Twinkie breakfast cereal 😋.Tessie you reset my mindset, gave me the confidence to take the plunge on SD & OOD food.It’s filled my pantry with abundance on disability benefits & as my household has to shield in the UK it’s a Tier 5 lockdown we won’t go without even though we can’t go out .Your a blessing Tessie, lots of love Lizzie.

  14. You are lucky that they clear the roads there. I noticed almost everyone had already been out and cleared a path down to the road from their houses too.

  15. Tessie you glow in the snow ❄️!! I loved you slowed down so we could all see the beautiful Nativity Scene.W😳W what a huge supermarket so much food.What lovely thoughtful pressies, The big box 📦 Christmas 🎄 presents 🎁 were so so amazing 🤩 seeds I squealed at that part 😆 love getting seeds & planning for spring planting, really looking forward to all your inspiring & uplifting videos of 2021, you are helping all your subscribers get through this the toughest of times.Here’s to a year of togetherness, support & successfully making the most of what we got, a problem shared is a problem halved.God Bless you & yours, love from Lizzie.

  16. I’m glad to see you’re not in flip flops, lol! Young guys here in Michigan often were baggy shirts and sandals year round, even when it snows. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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