20 thoughts on “Low cost || Discovering Unknown Worth? || Lesson-3

  1. sir,
    for last question,
    12.5 % = 1/8 and 100 – 12.5% = 87.5 % = 7/8 [12.5% = 1/8 , (8-1 = 7), 7/8 = 87.5 %]
    so we can use directly fraction value instead of percentage.

  2. Thank you sir please explain the English subject also it very useful to us you are explaination is very good I like you explaination I can prepare you method sir

  3. Thanks a lot sir…
    No one can replace you sir…
    Satheesh sir is always the best….My one and only inspirational person…
    I'm sure after i got job…I too help for the needy…
    Thanks a lot sir….for ur helping tendency….

  4. You are the only person categories the sums in to easy,medium,tough levels.so that we can follow easily with out confusion .thanks a lot.may God bless you with prosperous, happy, lucky ,and long married life.

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