Loopy Wealthy Asians

Loopy Wealthy Asians

“Loopy Wealthy Asians” follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) as she accompanies her longtime boyfriend, Nick Younger (Henry Golding), to his …

42 thoughts on “Loopy Wealthy Asians

  1. This is the only Asian/romance movie I was able to watch without my parents to ask me to change it for my 9 year old brother. Also the only reason I watch kdramas now lmao

  2. Great storyline ❤ Blending Asian cultures and beautiful Singapore. I love Singapore. Although I'm a Malaysian I feel that Singapore stole most our food 🤣 Nasi Lemak, satay, rojak, etc 😋 Anyways love the movie with a great lesson: You don't have to be rich to be happy 😊

  3. receptionist, securities, and even concierges dont act like this (from the very begging of the movie) we arent payed enough(like no seriously we arent getting payed enough) to decide weather they are worthy of reservation of the hotel or any sort of reservation… you can be looking homeless, drug addict, sociopath/ psychopath it does not matter we treat you with a fair welcome regardless of your looks or status .. and if she had a booked a room she is to be led to her room no questions ask.. i dont like how movies portray us like we like to judge people based on money when we our self dont even own that amount they hold. but at last its a great movie just that one part got me annoyed.

  4. Not a fan of what the did with Rachel's character and the actress. She's so loveable in the books. Everything else is fantastic. I love the cast for Nick and Astrid's characters

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