London's thinnest home on the market for over one million euros

London's thinnest home on the market for over one million euros

Described as a little bit piece of London magic town’s thinnest home is up on the market with a price ticket of over one million euros READ MORE …

41 thoughts on “London's thinnest home on the market for over one million euros

  1. If this property was a reasonable price, it would actually be a pretty cool place to live. A million for this though? Who would pay that?

  2. I don't like over priced homes. Prices are over inflated all over the world especially in big cities i get location is everything however you're not getting quality nor convenience here (get that can be subjective). I just find it disgusting to charge that much for such a small space (I'm born & raised in NYC). God forbid some thing happens to you where your not physically able to go up & down 5 flights of stairs, whether due to an accident or just old age. My first apartment was a 4th floor walk up- doing laundry & grocery shopping was a nightmare never moved to building without an elevator after that- they want 1.3 million for that 🙄

  3. Jesus… Where I live, for that amount, I could literally buy an entire block of houses and have enough money leftover to furnish all of them. Nice houses too.

  4. it must be in a great part of town. it’s very nice inside and the terrace can help u breath of you start feeling a bit closed in. 😂

  5. I don't like the look of the bathroom, what with no shower? a nice fitted shower is a total must for me, everything else looks alright thought.

  6. Absurd. How about building more apparents and houses to drive the price down so the youth can actually buy a apartment or house without being in debt their whole life?.

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