Load The Boat! . . .💰🚣💰HURRY!! 🔥😱🔥 Purchase This Inventory Now?!!

Load The Boat! . . .💰🚣💰HURRY!! 🔥😱🔥 Purchase This Inventory Now?!!

You and I’ll each get free shares at no extra value to you after you deposit $100 into your WeBull account. $10 Free Bitcoin:▻ …

41 thoughts on “Load The Boat! . . .💰🚣💰HURRY!! 🔥😱🔥 Purchase This Inventory Now?!!

  1. Ayy got into CTRM last year , I've been averaging up on dips since November 💯 . My cost basis 0.39c 🚀 I appreciate the mention. Strengthens my convictions

  2. Question: when you say get out of it drop 5-10% you mean after you enter your last 100? Else for penny stocks it’s super volatile and 5-10% can happen quite quickly

  3. FYI, the self admitted "low IQ" investor place should almost never be paid attention to. I scored big on OCGN, and all they ever did was attack the stock. Very thankful I have never listened to Investor Place.

  4. You put me on to CTRM, Kenan. Heard your analysis on it right before PM opened 1 day and jumped in for 400 shares at 0.35. After it was trading sideways for a few weeks I eventually sold off 300 shares to buy NOK when it was supposed to be the next WSB hyped stock… We all know how that turned out- but my last 100 shares of CTRM are up over 337%. Seeing my P/L rise every day is the greatest and most frustrating feeling lol

  5. I considered buying bitcoin and etherium along with a few other cryptos but I worry about it getting hacked, how do you trade your crypto safely?

  6. Crazy how YouTube block ur video they like they dont want us to go to the promise land but guess what we going to the promise land haters or no haters see you there my g Geetttt mmmooonnneeeyyy 💯💯💯 💪💪💪 💰💰💰💰

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