20 thoughts on “LIVE: Three Card Poker!! $2000 Purchase-in!!

  1. folks forget that 1/3 of TCP hands are fold hands. you basically hand over your money 1/3 of the time without even seeing dealer cards . At least in a game like pai gow poker you always at least have a chance for a push.

  2. these games are donating money to the casinos
    at least in BJ if your good and lucky you can do good (like that last big win )
    but this poker shit makes no sense
    you put up ante and play to win one unit …bad math

  3. Hey your still up overall including last night 😁😁😁, try 3 card brag if they have it, lot better odds, great stream thank you.

  4. Sarah, My wife & I enjoy your channel as you vary the games you vlog & are honest, transparent down to earth. As the title of your channel Slotlady, you are a very nice lady. Keep up the great work as you have a great work ethic.

  5. My reaction when I saw the video was 27 minutes – oh no, this won’t be good. Little did I know how BAD that was. The dealer was unbeatable. Next time Sarah.

  6. i enjoy your video's but i have to say you get into the weirdest conversations on live stream, it just makes me laugh…. during these days of covid my casino is closed so thanks for taking the gambling edge off for a while :).

  7. Well,it didn’t go your way tonight Sarah,,the dealer kept the good cards,I like the pairs plus bet,anyways better luck next time,thanks for sharing 👍

  8. Oh dang. 🤮 What was THAT?!!! Seems the Sour Swindler hijacked the shuffle machine for this session! Yikes! Sour levels were off the charts! Someone’s gonna need to call hazmat to clean up this sour spill! Seal off that table and don’t allow anyone within 25 feet of it until the Sour Abatement Team can fumigate it with sage and holy water in a negative pressure tent for the next 24 hours. Ouch! You might be willing to cut off your pinky toe to go to a party, but any rabbits watching this video are willing to cut off their whole foot and mail it to the El Cortez. You took it like a trooper though! But oof! I feel like I got punched in the gut, and it wasn’t even my money! Now if you’ll excuse me, I think my spleen just ruptured. Gotta go find my sewing kit…

  9. Hi Sara. l am a Japanese guy who
    loves blackjack. You are a really intelligent and beatiful lady. You
    are a queen of blackjack player.
    Take up more blackjack live and
    try 6 decks shoe that l'd. like to
    see it.

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