32 thoughts on “LIVE: Final Texas Maintain’em!! $3000 Purchase-in!! LAST STREAM OF 2020!

  1. Something to consider which seems to work well for me is to just pick a single spot to up your bets (on the trips that is) and then play max for 4 hands in a row. I like catching a hit and run sometimes. I usually count consecutive losses on trips with dollar chips. When I hit 7 losses in a row, go for max bet 4 hands in a row. I usually hit it. You were doing so well in the beginning. Better luck next time. This particular game is addicting.

  2. Happy new year Sarah! It was fun watching the “wise ass” in you, come out! 😀 it would be great to see a picture of you in your “New Years “ dress 👗

  3. Thanks Sarah I just finished watching. Hope you have a Happy New Year wishing you the best. Thanks also for our little Taylor Swift message chat the other night I learned something.

  4. When I saw it was over one hour I suspected there was going to be a loss. up until 40 min. into the video Slotlady was doing alright. I wanted to see the house get a real beating. The three card video I watched a few days ago was terrible. You couldn't even get any good hands. It was all downhill. I felt bad for you.

  5. WOW, It's the last Texas Hold'em session for the year 2020. Wishing Happy New Year to you and your team. Best of Luck in 2021. Waiting for your next video…..

  6. Stats:
    Hands played (+/-3)-75
    Fold-15 (!)
    4X ante-23
    4Xante won- 16
    Bonus hands:
    Full house-2
    Full house-1
    Folded Approx. $2000.00
    2 bad beats
    Likes maple syrup and sparkly stuff.
    Sarah said Sour-2

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