Ladies of Completely different Salaries: Can Cash Purchase Happiness? | Glamour

Ladies of Completely different Salaries: Can Cash Purchase Happiness? | Glamour

We requested ladies of various incomes: Can cash purchase happiness? Discover out who may be made blissful by what’s within the financial institution and who thinks happiness cannot be …

45 thoughts on “Ladies of Completely different Salaries: Can Cash Purchase Happiness? | Glamour

  1. Happiness comes when our NEEDS are met. And money is a tool and resource to help meet those needs. IF we use it as a resource or means to the goal, not the goal itself.

    As someone who’s been poor and who has made great money, I can tell you it’s much better to have the resource than not. But how you use it to focus on the people and things that matter to you is what will make the difference. Using money for opportunities and experiences with people who love, giving to things you believe in, and buying TIME is the best strategy for happiness.

  2. I don't think money buys happiness. It anything money gives you more options, freedom, and access. Options with what you want to pursue or do. Freedom to choose what you do. Access to being around the right people and place.

  3. My favorite answers we’re the ones who said yes 🙂👍 I have too many people in my life who say money isn’t important or that it can’t make it happy lol

  4. Even if you have just 10k in savings that can go a long ways in your mental health as far as not having to worry about penny watching or living pay check to pay check and have the financial freedom to be able to spend a little money on yourself or others

  5. Rich people commit suicide too. I think the point here is that money can afford you a lifestyle that would obviously be more comfortable and stress free than living paycheck to paycheck does. But comfort and happiness aren't the same. Being unhappy in a nice car or a clunker still feels the same, miserable.

  6. IF you are a sad unhappy miserable person, money can't buy you happiness. If you are a working mom who is barely making ends meet, having more money will definitely make you more happy and satisfied knowing you don't have to stress and worry about money.

  7. Around 70k is the cutoff where an average person would not need to stress about money all the time. You get diminishing returns after that.

  8. Happiness is a state that we attach to good life. Money or not you can not change the variables. We need to be ok with emotions. Knowledge and understanding can free you.I have had money and I have been without money. Money alone does not make happiness a constant it is appreciation and growing taking in life and helping others that will create more fulfilling experience

  9. Whoever says money can't buy happiness has obviously never been poor. Of course it can. If it doesn't, then you're not spending it correctly.

  10. Flat out saying "no" just completely ignores that money is needed to purchase basic necessities and livelihood and survival. Come on … Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs??

  11. Yes because having the money to do things and not feel like the things you want to do will send you into debt. Not only would it make me less stressed but less stressed also means more happy

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