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  1. Dear Karl, greetings from India! Just wanted to thank you for all the great videos you upload here. And love to both Pablo and Winston!

  2. Just watched the vid about not liking Pablo and I’m in shock that you’ve had such horrible comments. Please don’t let them get you down. You are such a wonderful family and great parents of your two doggies. You can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t have to. Even if you did get money. What’s wrong if you do? U work so hard with the channel. I look forward to more vids. Don’t let haters get you down x

  3. I really love watching all your videos,
    I lost my beautiful Pug Daisy last year just a couple of months before her 5th birthday. Horrible time…..
    Then a few months later I came across your channel and started watching your videos. Pablo and Winston have so many traits that my Daisy had, it's just lovely to watch.
    Please ignore the haters, you guys are amazing puggle owners ❤️❤️

  4. I was also flabbergasted that people were being so negative! Just keep being yourselves Kevin and Chelsea! The people that have followed you from the beginning know that you love BOTH Pablo and Winston! It's just so sad that there will always be some out there that want to put negativity out in the world, we have a choice to ignore or feed into it. Looking forward to more vids!

  5. You guys are wonderful parents to both Pablo and Winston! Please ignore the negative comments! They are just trolls that have nothing better to do!

  6. I haven’t sen the comments that are negative but I just watched the don’t like Pablo video so I kind of have a sense of what happened. Anyway, don’t sweat the comments. You can’t please everyone. Nor should you try to. If you please 100% of viewers then you really have no character and no style. I learned this from my father during my hypersensitive teen years. It’s a lesson that has served me well. As long as you’re doing what you think is right and you’re true to yourselves and of course not doing anything mean or unethical. And I know you never do mean or 7nethical. I’ve been watching to long to doubt you guys. Embrace the naysayers and move on. You don’t need to waste your own time addressing them. They’re probably just people with good intentions but good intentions sometimes hurt feelings. You’re doing fine. But remember, you’re sort of like a pug reality show, so someone will always take issue with something. You’re the “Big Brother” of pugdom. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that show. I saw about ten minutes one time. Not for me. Keep on the way you’re going. If you’re happy with your videos it will all be wonderful.

  7. Our friend swears by the K9 range. I need to pick up x2 of them once they are released for my two pugs aswell. Keep up the videos – your two pugs remind me of my two so much!

  8. No need to reply. Just watched your brain hurting video. The fact you have haters means you’ve accomplished much. Keep it going. Your experience gives us so much advice and support as we raise our pup. Thank you.

  9. First 100 Subscriber. I will always support you and I'm thankful for Pablo. He makes my days so much better. Don't let them bring you down.

  10. You guys are great !! I have 2 pugs and totally love them . I think when someone bashes you it means they are jealous . Keep up the good work !!

  11. Some people will always have something to say when a YouTuber gets involved with a company. I don’t understand why but it is consistent across the platform. Please don’t worry about the comments and just do you. It’s your channel and your viewers will tune in regardless of what these negative people have to say. A lot of people think the people they watch owe them something – you don’t. Enjoy your content and the rest will come. Have loved tuning in to you guys for the last few years – and will continue to. Excited to see winston and the family grow! Sending love x

  12. I love your videos! This collabration with Julius K9 os so cool! I love their harnasses… can 't wait to see more about it.

  13. Can't wait to see the babies in their matching harness 😄😄😄😄😄. Btw can you make a video when winston gets his first puppy bath? 😁

  14. just wanted you to know that I love your channel and wouldn't ever doubt that you don't love Pablo!! I've been here since Pablo was a puppy and he lives a great life with you as his doggy dad, and now Winston will too!

  15. Karl – please do not pay any attention to these comments. Bringing another puppy/child into a Family is always going to have a few bumps in the journey. On top of everything, you and Chelsey were very ill. Take care of what makes you all Happy and Healthy!

  16. Exactly!!!!
    The real thing is they do not hear u properly ,neither they(haters)watch ur contents regularly…
    Why the hell do u guys show such behaviour? Nobody has forced u to watch the videos.
    Don't they deserve some respect? In such a busy schedule they take out time for us and share their experiences with us.

  17. We love Pablo, Karl, Chelsea and Winston! You guys are amazing, we first found your videos a year ago and they have been bringing us our weekly dose of pug love ever since! It's amazing how many subscribers you have gained and it's well deserved, but the videos still have the same heart and care as they did back in the beginning. Thank you for taking the time to make and edit these videos for us (I'm a video editor and I know that it's serious work!) And I'm SO happy that you're providing reviews and partnering with brands that you care about. I can't wait to have a pug of my own one day and really appreciate your insights. I have also really valued the honest look into getting a new puppy that is very energized and a different disposition than Pablo. Your channel is so authentic. You guys rock! A million thanks from Portland, OR! <3

  18. I wanted to comment on your last video but comments were disabled…some people can't help but troll and having a puppy requires sooo much attention, dude fuck any haters or people giving advice, just post your doggos and let go, true pug lovers understand and pablo is always your boy! Lovin winston though…both are 👍

  19. Karl, Chelsea,Pablo and Wiston. I love this channel. Karl, when my pug, Buster, was alive he slept on my chest like Pablo does on yours. There was nothing more relaxing then that. Please just ignore the haters and then stupid people. There is no way that you don't love both pups. The way that the 2 pups are already getting along means that they will be best friends in no time. I have a friend that is now watching because of me. We love you 4 and please keep posting new vids. Much love from the USA.

  20. OMG don't pay attention to the absurd and mean comments… I personally love your channel because Pablo's behavior always makes me smile, and now looking his interaction with Winston makes your videos extra adorable… So please keep sharing your family's joy and all the tips with us

  21. I didn't go down into the comments very far but truly just came here to say that the stupidest thing in the world is to assume crap you have no clue about. A Puppy is VERY demanding and needy, anytime we rescued a puppy the rest of the dogs would jump up on the couch to avoid them until they could get on the couch with them. We are owned by 2 pugs and have rescued MANY and this channel is truly the highlight me and my daughter look fwd to. Thank you Karl and Chelsea for sharing these beautiful boys with us. <3 Big love from Texas,

  22. Haters aren’t even worth your time. Im so sorry you guys have people saying such ugly stuff to you and Chelsea!! It’s so unfair. Anyone with a brain knows you still love Pablo. I’ve noticed from some of your viewer comments that some of these peoples iq is very below norm. So don’t take any of that to heart please. I have four dogs. I love them all. in my lifetime I’ve had four very precious dog babies who have lived with me until they passed and that’s what you’re here for is to make that animals life wonderful. So please don’t worry about what these idiots have to say. Please don’t stop making videos! I love watching Pablo and Winston. We would miss you too much

  23. I didn't know where to comment this, as you made the other video with disabled comments, but let me say I used to have 2 pugs as well, and the little one ALWAYS was insane! Even when she grew up she needed more attention, in simplicity FUCK the haters you don't need to prove shit to anyone, everyone can see how loved and cared for are both pugs so keep doing you and keep the family strong, you shouldn't even have made a video addressing the issues with the haters, just tell them to fuck off or ignore them, because regardless what you do, they will find something to attack you on! Ignore and block easiest way! Love both of your pugs and you and your lovely girlfriend! God bless all 4 of you!

  24. Oh Karl and Chelsea, I love how you love Pabs.. please don’t let the comments get to you guys. You are wonderfully LOVING pet pals. Pablo knows you love him … you two are best buds. No explaining needed. Best wishes for better feelings ahead.

  25. Karl, I'm really sad this is happening to you of all people. You guys are wonderful and loving to Pablo, (and Winston). I know your personality type from all you videos, and all those negative comments really bother you. You are very sensitive reguarding Pablo and take the best of care with him. You LOVE Pablo and we all know that because we have been watching your videos for a long time. Because you love Pablo so much, is the main reason why you got another pug, to give Pablo a companion …not to replace him. We know this… so please ignore those kind of people. You don't have to prove or explain anything to us, we know how much you care for Pablo. It's like kids…you love them the same. You have a right to give Winston attention, he's a puppy and he's new, so don't worry what some people think. I look forward to your videos alot, and I enjoy the fun times you guys have with them. Don't torment yourself over those kind of people. Have fun and stay positive like you always do….
    And remember PEACE OUT😊😊

  26. Karl, I feel so bad for what u have been going thru, both u and Chelsey being sick, then issues with the new puppy, then the a-holes who r giving u a hard time. For the thousands of us that love u, subscribe to u. are happy with any video you share with us about anything, don't let the f***ers get u down! Do what makes u happy and we love and support you! 🤗💜 love from Florida

  27. I was surprised by your last video about all the negative comments. I noticed only a few. But I did not read all comments. Which was disappointing. It is discouraging to work hard on videos; and then having some people crapping on your work. The haters are … everywhere. You know what to do. Block them like you said. And delete their crap so the rest of don't have to see it. Focus on all your fans and ignore the haters.

  28. I love you guys and I love Pablo and Winston. You are WONDERFUL parents! Anyone who says Different, they are just miserable souls. What we say in America, FUCKUM!

  29. Please keep doing what you're doing…. I have got a pug puppy and your tips and advice are absolutely fantastic and are really helping me with her. And I look forward to your next video on what your doing with your boys to try it out on my baby girl… Xx

  30. How can anyone question your commitment to Pablo?! I seriously began thinking the latest video was a joke, because I don't read people's comments. I was shocked to see people think Winston 's taken over. I've been a subscriber for a little over a year and it's never ever crossed my mind, based on who you are, that you would ever favor one dog over another. Ignore the haters!

  31. Karl, I just watched your newest video but comments were disabled on it. So, I'm sending you guys some love on this video. I just want to say, pug lover to pug lover, I appreciate your videos and how hard you work to put them out for us. I am angry that certain people want to hate on you but it's good that you just get a laugh out of it. They're not worth your time. Pablo and Winston are amazing and I love watching them play fight each other. Keep up the good work and know that there are people watching who will continue to support you.

  32. I watch this channel because I wish I could have a pug like I did when I was a kid. But my condo doesn't allow pets. ::sad face:: I appreciate all your hard work. Don't let the trolls get you down.

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