49 thoughts on “Jim Cramer breaks down shares that younger traders are shopping for

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  2. “These young investors buying stocks thinking they’ll go much much higher.”

    Well yeah, that’s the whole f*cking point, Cramer.

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  5. Only a small amount of people have any money in the market. I wonder what the demographics are of new investors – a rising number of investors could be another bull indicator. Couple that with investing habits by demographic and you may have a shortlist of the bullest tickers.

  6. Why are movie theater stocks, cruise stocks, airline stocks almost the value of January ? If these are way way way over valued and and 5 times the value they should be, should we trust the other stocks that are much higher than January ? It seems the market is like 60% over valued ??? Business is barely moving yet stocks are 40% higher than January. I am soo lost. I want to put $ somewhere but am so frustrated when I see stocks are crazy high as if we are in eutopia and economy is exploding. thanks.

  7. Most of these young traders don't even know what EPS, Risk return ratios even mean. They buy the name not the price. The bubble will burst but until then, jump on and ride it.

  8. I'm waiting for the 1st major stock market crash fueled by the millennials. The last 3 crashes were all due to boomers but the next one will be primarily millennials that invested with emotions rather than wisdom. There will be lots of tears coming soon.

  9. I am not young but I started with them on Robinhood but changed to Fidelity. I want more money to retire one day or have a cash flow with stock and real estate. I love the craziness. It makes it fun lol. I love paypal no interest for 6 months. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I am 54 years young lol.

  10. When will the "old people" like Cramer realize that the Millennials are here to continue to change the world. Investing strategies from past history no longer apply. They are here as a force to be reckoned with!

  11. typically the correction notion is "buy low, sell high". but these degenerate redditors are following "buy high, sell in the stratosphere"

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