James Bond Up For Sale, Robocop, Candyman & Rocky Too! MGM SELLING STUDIO & TV

James Bond Up For Sale, Robocop, Candyman & Rocky Too! MGM SELLING STUDIO & TV

James Bond Up For Sale, Robocop, Candyman & Rocky Too! MGM SELLING STUDIO & TV The Wall Road Journal experiences that MGM is actively seeking to promote …

25 thoughts on “James Bond Up For Sale, Robocop, Candyman & Rocky Too! MGM SELLING STUDIO & TV

  1. I don't personally care about future media being put out as I know it won't be good or at least the chances are slim but what concerns me are the 4K releases of these properties specifically Robocop and Bond, even worse if they're bought by HBO then that's a guaranteed go screw yourself to people who buy physical.

  2. Disney, Viacom(Universal), Apple or Amazon. Because Sony Pictures is the next. Warner Media/At&t can't buy this, they have a debt, it would be a setback to the recovery they are maintaining and Netflix was ruled out for his proposal of 400 millions.

  3. I do not want Sony ,Disney , Apple, Netflix ,HBO.. To get ( Stargate ) They will all destroy and ruin Stargate . I wonder how much Stargate cost to buy . My only hope is Amazon.. I wonder if I can buy stargate. lol …

  4. aT least no MGM MAX/FLIX streaming service 😀
    That blank check could be Chinese check 😀 and then hey would dub it to mandarin and so the end of the western civilisation will begin 😀
    At the end of the day movie lovers will have to have memberships in 10 different streaming services…and pay hundreds of dollars every month. Yey future 😀

  5. Once they pass the new stimulus…. People need to pay attention they also added on a streaming law…. If a company or a person gets caught illegally streaming the penalties are different now… And it also includes YouTube…if YouTube channels get caught using pictures without permission it costs $20,000 fine or up to 10 years in prison

  6. I don't think AT&t will be able to purchase them… Because they're trying to pass that acquisition/streaming law… The FTC is starting with Facebook… And there's rumors Amazon will be next…. Sony's looking for a buyer thereself… AT&t is too much in debt… Like 5 years ago Discovery had interest in buying MGM… I think it'll come down to Netflix Apple and maybe Microsoft… Because if they can't find a wholesale buyer they were going to break the company up and sell it… Amazon wanted to buy Rocky… Paramount Netflix we're fighting over James Bond….

  7. Never think I would see James Bond, Rocky Balboa, Robocop, and even Candyman all sitting at a diner talking about the good old days.

  8. Honestly Bond is outdated at this point. We Americans basically took the formula (which is super simple) and made our own variations that are way more successful.
    Better acting and character depth? Jason Bourne. Better stunts? Mission impossible.
    Better over the top spectacle and goofiness? Fast and furious.
    After Daniel Craig what good is bond? It's outdone by every other spy flick. Even Disney plus will have falcon and winter soldier. They're not worth much. No more Craig, Creed films, or robocop. Give it 6 more months of quarantine and they'll be selling for half price.

  9. Sorry mate, if your looking for positives and you think it'll be less woke in the future your wrong! Say hello to the new full woke era of James Bond is what well be getting whoever buys it. Just another part of my entertainment life I can no longer enjoy and is now dead to me.

  10. Can Disney afford or even buy them with what they already own?
    To be honest I though Fox owned MGM (I can't remember if they did in the past or not for me to notion that thought).

  11. MGM Intellectual properties look a bit dated, Stargate might be promising, bond if the next movie doesn’t kill it, but if that includes the back catelog, it might be worth the price tag.

  12. Hollywood's problem was not going woke, but over a decade, Hollywood has not made any original films for modern times. They've rehashed and beat the dead horse of well established brands/franchises that have had there hay day, and they have mainly produced crap to lure moviegoers in off name recognition, rather than good film making.

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