Is that this the top for negotiating a reduction on a brand new automotive? | Auto Skilled John Cadogan

Is that this the top for negotiating a reduction on a brand new automotive? | Auto Skilled John Cadogan

The automotive business – nonetheless bending you over … and telling you (with a straight face) how it is a actual plus for you. Podcast (audio-only model, for listening within the automotive, …

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  1. In the uk we have car supermarkets that sell more than one brand, in fact one up Burnley Lancashire will sell you any make or model from mainstream manufacturers.

  2. Bought two new cars in 2018, bought '18 models when the '19's were being shipped, bought them from from different dealers, bought them on the last day of the month.
    Dressed like I couldn't afford a new car, negotiated like I would finance through the dealership (was paying cash) asked to see dealer invoice, told them I knew about holdback, and extra cash back due to the factory zero % financing.
    Came in near closing time,
    Got them to throw me a low ball (will you sign right now at THIS price?) offer as an ultimatum just to get rid of me, didn't take any if the B.S. "extra" fees and add ons, only brought out the check book after everything was settled and in the finance guys office.
    Saved over 5 large off the Monroney sticker.

  3. I just bought a new RAV4 I tried to negotiate at a few dealers in Adelaide the most I could get off was $1500 so I rang a few dealers in Melbourne they reduce the price by $4500 I saved $2000 less than the lowest price in Adelaide which include transport. This is the second time I had to buy interstate to get a good deal?

  4. Call me stupid, but if the retail price is "Fixed" then i can still negotiate the price of my trade in. last time i bought a new car, the Dealer said, what is your car worth, I said i dont care what my car is worth, the only thing I am interested in is how much i have to pay you to drive off in this new piece of crap. ( changeover price) He said pick a number, i said one dollar and we NEGOTIATED from there. I got a fair price and he got a "new" car ( 5 years old) with a cracked cylender head………….I think i won.

  5. I’m not entirely sure if I agree with you. 1 if you think that free markets should be free then yeah – let the manufacturers do what they want. MB wants fixed price sure. BMW wants to negotiate them, sit back and see who wins, also data can tell us average transaction prices and you can see who is getting a “deal”. Toyota NZ have no haggle pricing. But they own the stock – dealers don’t hold any. However they also dramatically lowered pricing across the entire range when they shifted to this model. Essentially to the bottom of the negotiation point that they were selling everything at anyway. I doubt MB would do that…

  6. Hey John! Where's the 2020 lemon list, man? I would assume it won't differ much from the previous ones but I would like to hear you roast them shitboxes once again😁

    One other thing; what's your take on Honda – GM merging or collaborating?

    Best regards from Turkey.🙋‍♂️

  7. To think that our Government is even considering supporting this con.
    A few years ago you voted for the coalition on the basis of supporting a free and fair market, I certainly did. Our current Government is beholden to ideology of anti-science and class warfare they accuse the opposition of.
    However, people continue to vote against their own best interests. This Government has created a absolute disaster as far as our culture and equality in this country. A perfect example is the current war of words and trade with China, yet this is the same Government who signed off on the Port of Darwin deal. Time for people to wake up.

  8. The reason they want this is so the dealers don't employ sales teams. Can the Federal Coalition fuck up any more. So he wants us to pay more for cars, He wants less people employed, He wants used car prices to go up, CAN WE SACK THE COALITION FOR NEGLIGENCE. You can BLAME AP EAGERS on the Eastern seaboard for the push. Bunch of accounts and rotten people.

  9. If they go to fixed pricing system would not but new cars ever and definitely not the brands moving that way. It becomes uncompetitive and makes already arrogant dealers worse. I see no benefit what so ever. It looks like government are dumb and not working in the interest of the people they represent and if agreed should be investigated for corruption

  10. Clive Barclay Sellers is gunning for cadogan – CBS as he prefers to be named

    Clive works at VW as a salesperson, VW Brookvale, Liechardt and believes cadogan is not for the consumer, whereas Clive is

    if you want a real laugh check out Clive's ethos about how he delivers better value for the customer, he actually believes his own line about being a straight shooter

  11. I thought OZ was a capitalist society what ya just reported was scary, who voted for your politicians they are mad………….Sorry mate, just to explain from the UK and love your channel !

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