Is Now The Proper Time For Me To Purchase a Home?

Is Now The Proper Time For Me To Purchase a Home?

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28 thoughts on “Is Now The Proper Time For Me To Purchase a Home?

  1. When we were looking to purchase a house several years ago, the realtor keeps pushing us to buy a bigger, more expensive home based on the combined income of my wife and myself. We could afford a nice house in a very good neighborhood if we did this. I kept telling the realtor to only show us homes based on MY income only. She wouldn't listen so we fired her and got another realtor. Looking back, this is the best decision we ever made. We got a small(er) house in a still very good neighborhood, and is able to pay the mortgage solely based on my income. This frees up my wife's income to do other things. So much more financial freedom.

  2. A millionaire telling people never pay over asking and negotiate? Dave probably bought this cash and/or huge down and or distressed, all which require huge amounts of capital. The rest of the advice was ok but that portion just didn't make sense

  3. Bought my home in 2009 and no one in their right mind bids over.

    So I bid 250 bucks over lol and ultimately bought for 40 cents on the dollar, turn key

  4. She should be helping with the mortgage or paying rent. You don't get to live somewhere for free just because you're the girlfriend. She'd be paying rent somewhere else and paying someone's mortgage so it's basically the same thing. I'm guessing helping with the mortgage would be cheaper than living on her own, it will be a much nicer place as well. If she's not going to pay anything she is not living in the house, plain and simple.

  5. I live with my boyfriend in our apartment and I’m fine with it, it’s a pretty standard thing a lot of couples do before getting engaged/married. However I agree that sharing a mortgage together makes no sense if it’s only in one of your name’s. Then you are paying off a debt that’s not even yours! What happens if you break up? Then you’ve just helped someone else pay off their house.
    We would plan on getting married before looking into buying a house.

  6. Buying a house under his name only, with a 6 year girlfriend who would be being paying for part of the mortgage for a house that isn't hers? I don't mean to judge but something looks off and the girlfriend should see this as a red flag.

  7. I agree with everything Dave says except for this. This year I found myself in a great situation that allowed me to purchase my first home (all in just my name). My girlfriend lives with me and we established that she pays rent. She pays significantly less then anywhere else and lives in a much nicer place. Will we eventually get married? Yes. But the timing worked out that we got the house first.

  8. If you take Ramsey's advice and apply it to women – slow down – don't marry it – he who goes slow wins – don't get emotionally entangled – slow down – slow down – slow down – don't get married – that is the best financial and economic advice one can get!

  9. There is no problem with a gf paying you rent to live there (i think that's what he meant) and if they break up just get another roommate. It's that simple and you can definitely factor it into your purchase as long as you can make money on it if you rented it out completely if you had to. Dave is stuck in here.

  10. Totally agree with what Dave is saying in this video, although the more I've looked into it the 15 year mortgage idea may not be so smart for many people

  11. Decision point for the girlfriend.. She either marries and gets her name on the house, or is ok just being a GF who lives there and contributes to the utility bills and food only.

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