23 thoughts on “IRCTC Provide for Sale: How To Apply | 5% Revenue in 1 Day?

  1. Is there anyone here from Zerodha Who has got the allotment?Although placed order at cut off price still not accepted Looks like something is fishy in Zerodha 😢

  2. Sir, I have got this mail. What's the meaning of this? "We would like to inform you that your OFS order for IRCTC was placed at the Exchange but was not accepted. We have taken up the matter with the Exchange." My order is not accepted? What may be the reason? I had placed 75 shares on cutoff price, i have balance in my zerodha account too.

  3. valuation is more in irctc ofs…they increased the price in 3-4 days and then claiming that they are giving it with 15% discount…what a joke! 😂

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