iPhone 12 vs. mini vs. Professional vs. Max — Purchase This One!

iPhone 12 vs. mini vs. Professional vs. Max — Purchase This One!

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Apple simply unleashed four new iPhones. Sure, four new iPhones, all on the similar time. iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Professional, and iPhone 12 Professional Max.

Now, the overwhelming majority of individuals solely improve their telephones each 2, 3, even four years. Many of the relaxation are on an annual improve program, cash is not any object, or work within the tech trade.
Regardless, when you’re coming from an iPhone 7 or 8, otherwise you simply have to select which iPhone 12 you’re gonna improve to, there’s extra to select from than ever.

So, sit again, calm down, hit the subscribe button and bell, and I’m going to stroll you thru all of it — proper now.



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35 thoughts on “iPhone 12 vs. mini vs. Professional vs. Max — Purchase This One!

  1. I gotta give a little pushback on the 'money is no object/works for the tech industry' as a reason why you would upgrade every year.

    Lets say you go out and buy the best iphone apple offers; in the case of last year, it was the 11 pro max. At this point, if you upgrade like most, which is through apple or your provider, you have around a 50-60 dollar phone payment per month. You could continue to pay that for a year, or, you could trade in and save a huge chunk of change towards a new iphone, especially if you don't end up going as high end.

    I think constant payments are def a thing for most folks. People just like new shit, and when you tell them they can continue to pay the same OR pay even less for something brand new? Few are gonna pass that up, the above prerequisites don't have to be a thing.

  2. I have an iPhone 8 (that I bought new in 2019 for $450.), and I don't
    plan on upgrading to the iPhone 12 until my iPhone 8 dies. I have
    friends that have the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro and I think those two phones
    blow away my iPhone 8's photo ability. I look forward to getting an
    iPhone 12 but it might not happen this year as my iPhone 8 serves me
    well and buy the time my iPhone 8 dies I will consider the iPhone 13 ? I
    like the 2020 iPhone SE for the price but I want a better camera like
    in the iPhone 12. I want to be able to do portrait mode photos on
    anything not just humans as the SE only does portrait mode photos on
    humans and not other objects. Also the OLED screens on the iPhone 11
    and 11 pro are so much nicer than my iPhone 8, showing to me in my
    opinion the iPhone 12's super retina XDR oled display will be oh so much
    better than my iPhone 8's display.

  3. Is the extra 2GB of RAM worth paying $120 extra for the 12 Pro? I am not sure if it is for the SIM free 128gb version of the Pro over the regular 12?

  4. I really wanna keep sub to your channel and I know you want to push your next endeavors on you followers but you could have just said which pro your getting because you not going to give us another hot take and say something like the mini that is saggy asf

  5. Stephen Ropelewski
    Richie, I watched your reviews about Apples new iPhones to see what you had to say. At the end of this review, you said "tune in to your next video to see which iPhone you are going to buy." Gosh Oh Gee Richie, which one is it? REALLY!

  6. I want my 12 Mini to ride “backpack style” on my 12 Pro Max… The 12 mini pops off to scout ahead, while 12 Pro Max holds fort…

    You know, sometimes the 12 mini is enough to get the job done, but then sometimes there’s no replacement for displacement, and you need that 12 Pro Max… maybe 12 Pro Max could charge its little buddy while in backpack mode…

    The dream would be to to have a 13 micro next year. ~4” edge to edge screen… for the ultimate backpacking, micro machine, transformers experience.

  7. I'm just disappointed that only thing really they added was 5g nothing really much with camera 📷 well just a bit but not much.

  8. Thanks. Still 60hz screen at the end of 2020 and Charing flagship price, that's for giving a reason to say pass. The next iPhone will stay at the same price point anyway, I'll keep in my pocket and see if the next phone will remove the stupid notches

  9. 5G is a complete joke. I’m surprised Apple jumped on that bandwagon when they could easily have left it another year.

    Perhaps their polling showed people expect it, even if they don’t understand it.

  10. Again history repeated itself, removal of headphone jack then every android company made fun of Apple and then copied Apple, now removal of headphone and adapter, android companies making of fun of Apple and with their next phone they will copy Apple again, now I’m feeling like I’m using iOS phone don’t know why I think my brain is fed is up with android coz android companies will end up copying Apple again. So I’m thinking of becoming an Apple user coz it’s better to be an Apple user who sets the trend rather than an android user who just follows the trend.

  11. Apple doesn't say, but I bet that they run the different models at different maximum speeds – slower for better battery life

  12. If I bought my own music I would used more space, but I use about half of 64g lol. I'm going to upgrade from my Samsung A50 to the reg 12 or 12 pro max.

  13. Dear @Apple next year when you “innovate” 120Hz display panel in ur phone, just include the display panel in the box and we will ad battery, processor, cameras etc ourself as you are saving the environment

  14. The PRO models have 800 Nits brightness (outside of the HDR content), while regular ones have only 625. I think that is important.

  15. am i wrong i thought the regular iPhone 12 price was supposed to be same as 11 was last year but it’s a least 100$ -130$ (in Canada) more than the 11 & no charger( not a big deal) but with price increase it doesn’t look good….plus no real 5G available in Canada till iPhone 13(👹🤞🏼🤞🏼)

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