20 thoughts on “iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Professional – Which Ought to You Purchase?

  1. Note: At the end, i meant to say "there is no real reason why you should own a 12 Pro over a 12…" and not the other way around. Happy Friday! 🙃

  2. I learned more in the first 45 seconds of this video than all the searching I have been doing. No one seems to know the differences other than the camera has a telephoto lens on the pro and you can get bigger storage. Great job!


    Does your IPhone 12 have yellower/warmer screen compared to IPhone 11/Pro,Xs,X?

    I checked about 15 iPhone 12 in diffrent stores and every had a warmer/ yellow tint screen compared to the previous iPhone’s. Im asking because i want to know is that a screen defect, previous iphones also had it but now literally every 12 seems to have it

  4. It's good to note that testing has shown the device will just digitally zoom in with the WIDE lens rather than use the TELEPHOTO lens if lighting is not near perfect.

  5. Need advice just ordered the iPhone 12 256gb should I have just gotten the iPhone 12 pro for the price I’m paying for the 12 256gb ??? 😩😩

  6. Amazing. An organism that secretes oils and fats through its skin leaves oil on surfaces that is apparently visible. I love when professional reviewer‘s points this out. Now it makes sense to me that collectors leave figurines and collectibles in their original sealed wrappers or when doing art restoration they wear a gloves. I’m glad tech reviewers have finally caught on to this known fact that the objects itself do not oozes oils in the form of “prints”that appears.

  7. Mostly due to availability with my carrier, I'm going with the regular 12; I'm upgrading from a Note 9. I'm going from one great phone and switching platforms, mainly because I've found I don't use near-half the features the Note 9 offered and I only really ever use my smartphone to browse the internet and watch videos. I can accept that iPhone handles most of my daily tasks much better than on Android.

  8. Yeah, these value judgments that reviewers give are a reflection of their wallet and priorities. It’s like sales. Sales 101 is you don’t sell based off of your own income and background. It’s a sure fire way to guarantee everyone gets a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord (everyone seems to understand car analogies). 2X optical zoom and portrait mode in that longer focal length is a big deal. The materials difference is important to some. So buy what’s right for you. Not decide what everyone else ‘should’ get.

  9. I’m trying to really decide on this or the galaxy s21. Because I’ve used the s8+ since it came out, before that I had the iPhone 5s which I loved one of my favorites tied with the s8+, but I want to really think about it because I want a phone to last my at least 3 years, preferably 5 but man idk. I still have yet to get info about the s21

  10. The smallest text size of the iPhone XR/11 is much smaller when compared to the smallest text size of the iPhone XS/11 Pro. Is there any difference between the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro? Thanks

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