iPhone 12 Patrons Information – Which One Ought to YOU Purchase?

iPhone 12 Patrons Information – Which One Ought to YOU Purchase?

On this video I break down the complete iPhone 12 lineup and inform you the variations and similarities between all iPhone 12 fashions. I make my suggestions as to which iPhones I believe are finest for whom.

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18 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Patrons Information – Which One Ought to YOU Purchase?

  1. Do you think upgrading from iPhone X to 12 Pro Max is a good idea? I really care about the telephoto camera but I also really like 120 hz display. I also would like to have better battery life than my current phone. Do you think I should upgrade this year or wait til next year?

  2. I can see paying for the more luxurious edge of the Pro when I never hold it naked. It's in a case 10 minutes after I get it , for life.

  3. the iphone 12 pro is just so pointless in the lineup tbh. It's called pro but the camera isn't the same level as the iphone pro max.

  4. I’m getting the iPhone 12 mini. I currently use the iPhone 11 which can easily last me 1.5 days or even 2 days sometimes. So it doesn’t bother me that the mini gets 2 hrs less battery life. It will still be enough for me.

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