iPad Air four VS iPad Professional (2020)! Which To Purchase?!

iPad Air four VS iPad Professional (2020)! Which To Purchase?!

The brand new 2002 iPad Air four is on the market to order now, however which do you have to get? We examine specs and efficiency of each the iPad Air and the iPad Professional 11″ to see how they examine!

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45 thoughts on “iPad Air four VS iPad Professional (2020)! Which To Purchase?!

  1. PLEAAASE make a video about how to record with Filmic Pro (or any other app) in portrait mode, and then edit de blur of the video on Focos Live app to get the best quality video possible, with the best quality background blur possible with my phone

  2. When will the iPad Air 4 be available on all the markets in the uk because it has already been released on the October 13 event of apple and ready to pre order of apple but when will it be available for all the markets in the uk. I am trying to look for it but it is currently unavailable in the uk because no one has it so when will it be in other stores

  3. They should name the iPad Air as iPad
    and the iPad as iPad SE
    It'll match the namings with the iPhones and the same thing with the color scheming

  4. this "dilemma" happened because apple decided to skip th a13x processor…
    if the ipad air would start at 128gb, I think I would buy it, but pro motion, double the base storage, better speakers, 6gb ram, brighter display and slimmer bezels are worth the $200 imo for the pro.

  5. preordered the air 4 64gb. Why? It's just gonna be a notetaker for my classes as I download lecture slides and crop/add them into the notes to add my own. And then those last only 9 weeks or so, so once a class is done, i can just place it into a memorycard or flashdrive and have an empty air 4 once again for my new classes.

  6. The decision is getting harder, when you need more storage than 64GB which is way too small. The only option is 256GB nevertheless 128GB would be enough for me. So the Pro 128GB vs. Air 256GB is only 50 USD more (70 with cellular model). I think that is the question nobody could answer it until now. I love the iPad Pro features, but honestly I do not really need them. But the small price difference… What is your opinion?

  7. So I am thinking of getting an ipad air sometime this month for my bd. Do you reckon I should wait for an updated pro? I only use it for digital art, a little browsing/netflix.

  8. The A14 processor outperforms the A12Z, but it is obvious that Apple did not create the Ipad Air to be much superior, as it would stop selling the Ipad Pro.

  9. I agree with your single and multi core theory but in real life use believe me you never notice these stuff while running. Air is good for all mid users but if serious gaming and multitasking is involved then pro is perfect….

  10. I gonna buy the 11 inches ipad pro instead of the air 'Cause in my opinion the only advantage comparing the 128gb pro and the 256gb air is that the storage. They are almost the same price but with the pro we have a faster processor despite it is older than the air one and also the pro has more ram and overall the 120hz screen refresh.
    For me the pro is better for working with but if you want a fast device only for media consumption you should buy the IPad not the air not the pro.
    The air is more for young people who want have a cool and nice ipad that doesn't have all the pro features but it has the essentials from it

  11. If bending is a concern… it looks like the Air 4 shares the pro 11 design but moves the microphone hole from the the center of the long edge to the center of the short edge which eliminates that 'bending' weak spot present on the Pro 11/12.9.

  12. Unless you need the bigger screen of the 12.9 inch iPad Pro (which is a good reason); the Pro model really just seems to be adding more "luxury" to an already "luxury device." Extra cameras on tablet seem pretty unnecessary and Pro Motion is a cute perk but doesn't really add any functionality. If the processing power ends up being basically the same (we'll have to wait for more benchmarks); then the biggest technical advantage from the Pro is the 6 gigs of RAM compared to 4 gigs but we don't even know what programs will actually take advantage of it. For instance, ProCreate limits the amount of layers based on system RAM but didn't even utilize the extra 2 gigs from the first iPad Pro models to offer 6 gigs. In fact, even before this new iPad Air it seemed like there weren't a lot of apps that took advantage of the iPad Pro's CPU compared to something like the A13 processor. Give how close the new powerful the new A14 appears to be (and the higher amount of iPad Air 4s and iPhone 12s featuring this chip); it wouldn't be a surprise to see developers of high end apps start off by optimizing for the A14 chip since it will be in a lot more systems. Especially with something like iOS, more horsepower only matters when programs use it.

  13. Anymore Pro iPad before the year is up? I have the 2017 iPad Pro but it is starting to go wonky slow and the screen is not very responsive most times! Wanna wait for the next pro with the A14 processor hopefully..

  14. Does anyone know which one is better to work? I work editing heavy videos and pictures. Apparently both the Pro and Air are very good and similar, but the price (specially in Brazil) is very different. But I want something that lasts and will be working just fine in two years from now.

  15. If you want to buy ipad air 4, buy the 256Gb (actually I just want 128Gb but there is no that option in ipad air 4) since 64Gb will be ran out of storage after few years. But there is a problem here. Ipad air 256Gb is $750; ipad pro 11in 128Gb is $800. They are just $50 different. Why not choosing the ipad pro.

  16. Bought the 256gb 11 inch iPad Pro a week ago through Amazon for $849, $50 off, and it was one-day delivery! Couldn’t pass that up, and my last iPad was 9.7 inch Pro from four years ago with quad speakers.Compared to earlier stereo speakers, I loved this! So I wanted to stick with quad speakers, and guess what? Side by side, the 2020 Pro speakers are much fuller and richer sounding than the quad speakers on my old Pro! Will be interesting to read about sound comparisons of Air 4 to the 2020 Pro.

    So, I disagree with this review’s conclusion. Spend the extra $$$ and get an iPad Pro, especially if you can get rapid delivery like I did with Amazon.

  17. A very good video, very clear about the differences……Just one thing that you did leave out which has left me doubting my decision to go with the Air, is the ram. Pro has 6gb and air has 4gb of ram! Now to most people, with normal everyday use this will not make any difference, but I just wonder whether over time, and if I try to really push the Air, will I regret not having more ram??

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