40 thoughts on “I'm Not Shopping for It – Sega Genesis Classics 2018

  1. It’s garbage out of 54 games only about 10 games are good like sonic 1, 2, spin ball, 3D, streets of rage, 2, 3,Golden axe, 2, 3, and a couple others I forgot the names of but most of the games are shit they don’t have any Jurassic park, toy story, road rash, out run, the Adams family, sonic 3, corner pocket pool game, street fighters, etc

  2. He is right I have that collection on switch and it is fun. But like he said if I want to play Gunstar Heroes I will turn the classics on. If I want to play Sonic 3 than I have to go to my PC to play it on Steam.

  3. Exactly why I load every system emulator from NES-WiiU/Genesis-Dreamcast/PS1-PS3, every rom of every game I’ve ever wanted to play, every bios from every region, etc. on my television

    Their stupid decisions like this and including this do nothing but hurt the customer, and if that’s the case, their customer should just go out and find what they REALLY WANT from 3rd parties (even if they’re… PIRATES…) who are offering what the customer wants.

    For example, my television service isn’t exactly “official”, but I don’t use it because it’s cheaper, I use it because it offers me regional television in both New York and LA, lets me delete the stupid channels I don’t watch and would never use like news/sports/Spanish/foreign/music/etc., and broadcasts in HEVC x265 so I don’t use much bandwidth. If a “real” or “legit” TV provider would offer that, I’d buy it legitimately for up to ten times the cost, but they don’t offer it and essentially give you reason to pay someone else less for what you actually wanted.

    If Sega would offer what we’re asking for and not cut stuff that we’ve told them we want in the process, then I’d buy it from them. But, they refuse to simply offer it, so I’ll go to a source that does. They have no right to complain about pirates or 3rd party infringers who offer things that they themselves could have offered to us but DIDN’T.

  4. I hear ya but I think theres licensing issues or something ( which is bullshit because the games are decades old so who gives a fuck ). There should be hundreds more games yes, and they sure as shit should run correct playing online because ya know what we needed to play MP back then? A friend and a controller. So it is deff unacceptable to have that part of this fucked up. Havent tried it yet personally. But threw down the 30 solely for all the streets of rage and its still beating my ass, not using the rewind…yes save on the go but like every ten mins. so far if you are new to emulation, its spot on for SP. Box art? Would be nice but we know what the art looks like, would be better to have an actual Genesis and carts so this is a worthy purchase. Btw…no Splatterhouses!! Cmooon 🙂

  5. Some of the sonic games always have licensing problems, because It has something to do with Michael Jackson writing the music for them!

  6. Pretty fucking retarded to have a video title " I'm not buying it" reviewing a video that you bought.. I get it's a play on words but still stupid non less.

  7. Sega has no quality control set in place. They sell the license to have others publish their games and hardware. Case-in-point AtGames awful systems they keep re-releasing and end up at a family dollar bin because word catches on that they’re not worth the price. Now we have a shitty Sega Genesis Mini from AtGames to look forward to because the top brass over at Sega has no clue what the hell they’re doing with their own product which makes it obvious why they’re no longer a viable competitor in the Console market or even software at this point anymore.

  8. We need a collection of Sega CD or Saturn games or even 32-X. Hey, Sega! I already have the game in this collection many times over. We need you to bring the Saturn back.

  9. This channel is so slept on it actually makes me disappointed in humanity. How does Logan Paul have millions of subs when this well researched fluent informative channel only has 7k subs?!

  10. Are people really complaining about Echo the Dolphin not being in this one? That was an ass game. Why should I care it's not included.

  11. Oh yeah I got the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis collection on PS3. Better than that crap half asses games on the atgames genesis I bought and returned.

  12. Yeah,
    I'll stick with my PS3 Sonic's Ultimate SEGA Genesis Collection. At least that has Phantasy Star 1 Master System as an unlockable bonus.

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