46 thoughts on “I'M GOING TO BUY BANK STOCKS TOMORROW!! – My Watchlist – Inventory Market CHRISTMAS Week

  1. Dear CHAD,
    Anybody have a good name suggestion for my company? I audit gov’t databases to find refunds for individuals, charge nothing to recover until I get the check in hand- send 2/3 of funds to Claimant. All suggestions are welcome.

  2. Watchlist for Dec 21 2020

    WMT – Walmart partners with TikTok to sell merchandise while livestreaming also rumors about getting into EV and upgrade from RBC Capital new pt $170
    PIC – Merger with XL Fleet an EV company with a different approach, XL Fleet’s goal is creating electrification as a service (EaaS).
    ZM – UP 4% Pre market after European countries see new strain of corvid and initiate lockdowns again

    Lets go baby stay blessed everyone hope you're all motivated for 2021 Lets finish this year strong.



    I hope you've reached your goals
    to pay back what you've owed
    and to give people something more
    this ain't a game there is no score
    only salvation forever more
    My souls the only thing my heart adores
    and if I fail I'm lost for sure…and now I ask
    Lord, hold me forever more
    show me things I should adore
    Teach me how I can get more
    before you close the door

    Lord, teach me patience to be so kind
    let me share what's on my mind
    so in my heart you can find
    broken pieces that are not mine
    only love will forever shine
    and one day the time will come
    when sin is no longer fine.
    My life is mine to determine whether I ride or die.

    It's time to star NOW cult! Read your Bible, be smart with your money and let's get out of debt together! GBTC!!!

  4. Thanks for your support of the military josh and cult it means a ton!! Active duty Navy… What are your thoughts on Opendoor? Ticker OPEN (IPOB spac last week)

  5. If a person seeks greatness, let them forget greatness and ask for truth and they will find both.

    Random play C 19 march 21 $80 call

  6. TLT +$2 virus mutations in U.K. and Europe have trade issues as result, the hell in hand basket was coming said it Thursday that the 18th would be beginning of bad news cycle. Eyes on the dip buys before the close for the stimmy after the close. TSLA price target raised to $720 by Wedbush this morning.

  7. Holding a free intel 12/24 45 put I picked up last Wednesday, almost hit my first 1000%er, hit 930% didn’t take profits. Holding 2 wellsfargo 2/19/21 17.50 put that I bought about 6 weeks ago

  8. The CULT saved my life! ✌️❤️🙏🇺🇸

    JPM Jan 15 2021 $127c or whatever strike can be afforded/reasonable. God bless ✌️❤️🙏🇺🇸

  9. Uncle answers drip tape is the shiiiitttt! Bumping it all weekend, and I still can't figure out the fast verse with (#2-let's go) that:
    "Like carry on a chain might burry on a away.
    Nah I know you no (nay???) You ain't never seen my face.
    Probably watch this in a Game did it with a couple plays.
    Then we kick a little lesson you ain't never get a chase.
    What's this??? ??? What I'm really try'na say.
    ??? Lock it that you want a stock now let's get safe ?????? Should I say I ain't tryin'a make you stay.
    Bruh wtf was that?! Eminem speed man…
    Uncle should release lyrics!!!

  10. Watch list
    $BFT going to be adding to my long term if it is a red day (speculative play but I like it (high growth))
    $TSLA watch and see what happens wowoowow
    $SQ looking to get some leaps on calls ( see growth in the year)
    then watch and see what happens tomorrow lets good : )

  11. Random play BAC 6/18 C $35 @ 0.69
    IM watching BAC, WFC, CLCT, AAPL, and ARLO

    Stay Blessed everyone, lets have a great week for Christmas and New Years

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