I'LL TURN $1 INTO $60! | Storage Sale/Flea Market Haul For Resell | Reselling

I'LL TURN $1 INTO $60! | Storage Sale/Flea Market Haul For Resell | Reselling

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36 thoughts on “I'LL TURN $1 INTO $60! | Storage Sale/Flea Market Haul For Resell | Reselling

  1. Neat collectibles, Misty! Of course, I love the Marilyn book by Norman Mailer…been a big fan of hers since I was a little boy. I originally had that book when I was a young teen, but I was very scissor-happy in those days. I loved photos of Marilyn, more than what they wrote about her. I even cut up cover magazines (some I regret now), with her, but eventually that phase ended especially when my dear late Mom would always get after me and say, "can't you keep them nice the way they are?" Well, I did finally listen to her, plus she threatened to take away and lock every scissor up…lol….Anyway, you're right, it is a beautiful book for the coffee table. The photos in it are gorgeous and span her life, with photos from sessions with her fave photographers, from: Andre De Dienes, Sam Shaw, Milton Greene, Tom Kelley (the 1949 red velvet calendar photos), Phillipe Halsman (those 'jump' photos), Eve Arnold, Lawrence Schiller, George Barris, etc…and Bert Stern who took that stunning dust cover shot in 1962, just short;y before she sadly passed at 36 on August 5th of that year. He took many photos of her, over a 3 day period, some of which were to be used as a cover/fashion spread for Vogue magazine. They did do that issue, but instead as a tribute issue after she died. Anyway, there are quite a number of gorgeous color and B&W pix from that sitting….and they attest to the fact that at that stage of her life, Marilyn was still breathtakingly beautiful, poised and her curves were still intact….Oh, and years later I did eventually replace the copy of the Mailer book I cut up in my youth, when I found a virtually mint copy in a used book store in Vancouver, Canada. Plus, I did replace many of the other books and magazines I cut up as well…Mom's threats paid off…lol ;D ….Love all your finds and that you're like a lot of us and get what you love and appeals to you…which is what the fun of thrifting and collecting is all about. Hugs from Canada…and love your Marilyn-like glasses…like she wore in "How To Marry A Millionaire". : )

  2. I never wanted to make you doubt your knowledge when I asked about the handkerchief art glass. I'm a total noob and am just learning, myself! 😁 That's why I asked! Call it whatever you want lol!

  3. Nice price on the brandy empoli style piece. I pick them up too, but end up keeping them .
    You are the cutest. I love how you get excited when you find cool things.😊❤

  4. 04:09 the term you're searching for is "blindstamped." Blind stamping is the opposite of embossing: embossing involves raised lettering, while blindstamping has depressed lettering. Related to blindstamping is foil stamping, where the blindstamp is filled with gold or silver foil.

    04:22 But that was the fire truck and not the ambulance! (Around here, only firetrucks use air horns as well as siren.)

    04:30 Hey, those are the Philippe Halsmann "Jump" photographs!

    05:16 All right, here we go. The complete English title is "Pioneers of Modern Art in the Museum of the city of Amsterdam," by Sandberg and Jaffe, a translation of Kunst van heden in het Stedelijk . It's a McGraw-Hill publication, with a 1961 pub date, as you noted. After a gander through ABEbooks, I would venture that you have a $25 to $30 item.

  5. Hi Misty, I'm a new follower/subscriber. I sent you a pkg to the po box listed above. You might wonder wth when you opened…its to use when packaging something weirdly shaped to ship out. We had samples of it so I thought they might come in handy. Through your videos I found that a piggy bank that was my Daddy's had a name. It is a corky pig and it is actually a "thing." I've always loved it and fortunately he gave it to me many years ago and it wasn't washed away when Hurricane Katrina hit South Mississippi in 05. Thanks for sharing all of your great videos. Susan

  6. I loved wrestling in the 80’s too! Misty, you are so cute. What kind of makeup do you use? Your face is glowing! Looks so clear, soft and smooth. I just love watching your videos.

  7. Misty, always such a fun video!! Love watching you branch out into things not in your "wheel house", as you put it. The cute restaurant ware pitcher has cherry blossoms. The Japanese love cherry blossoms. Thanks for sharing all your finds. God bless you and your family. Sherry from Alabama.

  8. I love the old price guides. You are right. You cannot take the values that are in the books as what you will get now. The internet and selling sites like Ebay changed that dramatically. But they are very helpful in naming and dating your piece. Collector's often know the name of what they are looking for so identifying something is half the battle to getting a good sale. price. I am kinda jealous as I am sitting on about 14 old Fischer Price wooden toys covered with lithographed paper.

  9. More tape on linens!?!?! And they went to all the trouble of tying them all together?!?! Attach the tag to the ribbon people!

  10. It's not hoarding if it's in a pretty box! Sue's words, not exact, but close. Love those books, great find. Great show! Thank you smart cheerleader!

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