"If Liverpool purchase Thiago, they’re going to win every little thing! | Honigstein on Thiago | Switch Discuss

"If Liverpool purchase Thiago, they’re going to win every little thing! | Honigstein on Thiago | Switch Discuss

Bundesliga knowledgeable Raphael Honigstein joined the switch discuss podcast and mentioned that Bayern Munich are bracing themselves to lose midfield playmaker Thiago, with Liverpool one of many golf equipment within the hunt.

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49 thoughts on “"If Liverpool purchase Thiago, they’re going to win every little thing! | Honigstein on Thiago | Switch Discuss

  1. As liverpool fan it annoys me how people overhype everything. I'd rather let us talk in the pitch…hate it when people hypes something before it happens

  2. Full of crap Thiago won't go to loserpool and they won't win everything I think with the other clubs buying players it's a different ballgame it's definitely not a two horse race that's for sure Chelsea look strong better quality team than loserpool Utd and Arsenal have spent well Arsenal bought two top defenders with still a few more to buy they look good also but any one of those teams could win the league I really don't fancy Loserpool my bet is Chelsea they bought brilliantly Spurs are not great if Kane gets injured they don't have a striker but they are well out of it mourinho is done no one wants to play for spurs they are avoiding the club that's because of mourinho

  3. From 4123 to 4213 with Thiago beside Fabinho certainly could work. Or he could just be swap for Fab when easy fixtures allow to give Fab a break. We'd have more options. If Gini doesn't sign (I'd love him to), a swap for Thiago could be a great idea.

  4. To me all this talk means it won't happen..
    When liverpool buy a player in recent times anyhow.. its done before we even know about it ..

  5. Would be a fantastic signing but his injury record is a big worry especially as he would have to adapt to not just the pace of the premier league but also the insane pace of training at Liverpool. Yes I would love to add that creativity to our midfield but I do not see it happening simply because of his age and the fact we have a lot of players in midfield Henderson, Milner, Wijnaldum, Fabinho, Oxlade Chamberlain, Keita, Jones, Minamino a d also Shaqiri. Although he is a wonderful technical and creative player who would improve and team in world football signing Thiago would block the trajectory of Curtis Jones who is incredibly well thought of inside the club!

  6. I reckon Liverpool will get him after he’s finished the ucl competition. They’re aren’t bidding just yet as a strategy to ward off PSG, Man City

  7. Liverpool aren't buying Thiago, he's a good player but he's not that much of an improvement on the Liverpool midfield. Who will he actually replace.
    Plus in this current climate, he's not worth the expenditure as his value is only going to depreciate at this age.
    Look at the money Chelsea, City and Utd have been spending and their teams aren't necessarily improving that much.
    The only teams that will challenge for the prem next season are Liverpool and City.

  8. Thiago is a very good player and I wish we get him, but let's pump the brakes on "He'll win everything." He isnt Van Dijk or Alisson and there are still other really good teams.

  9. For those saying that we already have a lot of options in the midfield… Henderson injured: Boom and we where out of Champions League, and lost some of matches.. We need Thiago..

  10. win everything? i mean liverpool already dominated everyone in 2 years. but what does everything mean, win the quadruple in one season? by signing thiago? i dont get people these days.

  11. Thiago is World Class…his right foot is sublime…but he is 29 years old…do we need another midfielder? Probably better than Naby…??Should have three years left though…soooooooo Liverpool…just Do it

  12. He's good but he's wrong age and to much money. Lfc have loads of good midfielders and Jones is the new air apparent. Defence and cover front 3 are important. Chelsea should buy him.

  13. Thiago is a great player… but Liverpool won't win everything just because of 1 extra player…they already have some very good midfielders in Fabinho, Henderson, Wijnaldum, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Keïta… Klopp's Liverpool play with 3 very defensive central midfielders… 2x#6 and maybe a #8 box to box but definitely doesn't play with a #10 and let the front 3 and full backs do all the attacking… Thiago would be a great addition as he's played in all 3 roles well… just curious who Klopp will sacrifice

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