I’d love to purchase the Lakers – Magic Johnson | First Take

I’d love to purchase the Lakers – Magic Johnson | First Take

Magic Johnson says he would ask Jeanie Buss to promote him the Los Angeles Lakers franchise if it had been up on the market and talks about the potential of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James desirous to additionally purchase the crew.
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50 thoughts on “I’d love to purchase the Lakers – Magic Johnson | First Take

  1. Johnson should buy the Lakers. The Buss family cannot get along, they don't deserve to win the title. Johnson should buy the team, him or say, Bill Gates.

  2. Imagine LeBron as a owner/GM with that kind of power and influence on a team's decision. Dude would fr know what he's doing. I hope he buys LA one day alongside Magic. Maybe Jerry too.

  3. I'm starting to like Magic less and less. This dude cries and lies at ALL times. The Clippers are the FAR more relevant team, and I would love NOTHING MORE than for the Clippers to overtake the stupidass Lakers in LA. The Lakers are a flat-out ANNOYING franchise and organization.

  4. Call me crazy, but if my team is losing, my team being the most valuable in basketball wouldn’t assuage my anger. The lakers are not a stock you buy and sell on Wall Street. They’re a sports team. You win trophies for winning the NBA finals, not being the most valuable franchise. It doesn’t mean that money is gonna trickle down to me. I wanna win. To do that, you need to have a plan and culture in place to become a marquee franchise again. I might not always have it easy as an Orlando Magic fan, but they’re not as dysfunctional, incompetent, and underachieving as the Lakers. The organization actually has competent people running the team, coaching the team and playing in blue and black. The lakers are the west coast version of the knicks.

  5. Magic is one corny brother, don't give a fuck about his wealth, fame or whatever; his body movement/language/facial expression is cartoonish and mechanical and stiff and just plain corny!

  6. I only want to remember Magic as a player, nothing else.
    He's been shitting on Lakers to try to buy the Lakers at a steep discount.

  7. I love Magic response to ownership, a fact I think 99% of fans forget. Sports teams are businesses and very lucrative one's at that. Owners are happy to collect those zeros no matter how bad the team is. As long as those zeros are coming in who cares what's going on on the court.

  8. I'm a magic fan,.but won't.five him a pass on this mess. He iust can't shut his mouth. I think he's trying to make himself not accountable. He's putting all the blame on Pelinka.. Dude you've traded players that would have worked well with Lebron. You made bad decisions. Zubac for Muscala? What a joke. Russel, Lou Will, Randle and Lopez we would have made it to the playoffs.

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